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Day 11: Epcot

August 4th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Google translated!

And then you’re on vacation and wake up at half past six … But if your alarm clock for charity, today we have a ‘Storybook Princess Breakfast’ in Epcot in Akershus in Norway! The children would really like dressing up as Cinderella and Prince Charming. So we consciously made an early appointment, so it is not so hot in the park.

By what getut and procrastination of the children, you will have your own thinking and tackle things together … much easier when mom does … we left a little on the late side towards Epcot. Because we resort guests are we saved $ 14, – for parking costs. that’s easy money! We were really close to the entrance of the park parking, so totally super!

DSC_1139 DSC_1138

The lady at the bag check, I was totally popping when she saw Samantha and Geordi and began shrieks of joy to all!

For the Epcot sphere some pictures, we have had since the park to ourselves …

Once at the Akershus we were soon to turn and the children were with Belle in the picture. Of course we were there too … we just thought this was really something for the kids! The breakfast buffet consisted of a small portion of all cold dishes and the table was still a large bowl with warm delicacies brought. Then, at dinner, there are still a number of princesses along the table.

The winner was Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and visit us at the table. Signed the books of the children and posed together with the children, for the photo. It soon came over and saw Snow White and Prince Geordi really are … And Cinderella still unexpectedly came along, well … who has her prince (who incidentally was not) right now in exchange for Geordi! Geordi got a kiss from her, he was all red it. Only then turned Cinderella … he quickly wiped the kiss his cheek! Meanwhile we also got a nice picture offered, which was made by Belle.

Finally came to our table by Ariel. We noticed that quite a few families have already disappeared. That must really have a hapslikweg breakfast, because the princesses were doing a reasonably quick succession along.

DSC_1142 DSC_1144 DSC_1146 DSC_1149 DSC_1150 DSC_1151 DSC_1154

After dinner we went back to the entrance, so the kids could dress again for. We had brought clothes, so it was no problem. Yeah and then you find that normal shoes in our house stood. And there were the children of terror behind that mommy ever forget something!

DSC_1158 DSC_1155

There was nothing to go back to the villa! But on the other hand it was also very nice car for that sin to abandon. So I decided to take the shuttle bus back to the villa and then went Cesco with the children share some other things.

It quickly went back and forth than I thought and handlers around half past ten I was back again, this time with shoes!

Cesco had before I went to get the shoes, all fast passes for Soarin met. And now we could use. The kids really wanted a time in the upper gondola sit. And they were lucky, had a row for us. They were quite happy together!

It remains a great attraction this, hover over California and go smell the scents of the forest, sea and orange trees, lovely.

DSC_1160 DSC_1165 DSC_1167 DSC_1172 DSC_1174

We are so happy to get fast passes to Test Track. And then we reach the Red Planet Mission Space room to go and look. The sponsor of Mission Space has recently Ces his employer. By coincidence we found out that they have a special area for employees where they can drink and what a game to play. So enjoy a drink, children play a computer game. Life is not bad …

After another nice cool down, we got a special fast pass along that we’re right back in the fast pass line could close. That’s not crazy. Ces never thought his job at Disney even sometimes useful to come!
[local /wp-content/uploads/2010/08/missionspace.k5.2010214130117.mov Samantha’s message from the Red Planet Room (HP)]

Cesco was with Samantha in “violent version” went to Mission Space and I am with Geordi in the mild version gone. Not because I was afraid, but because I Geordi (yet) in the other version would have.

Geordi was Pilot and myself as the designated navigator. He found the ride was totally awesome and COOL FAT and above.
[local /wp-content/uploads/2010/08/missionspace.k5.2010214125829.mov Geordi’s message from the Red Planet Room (HP)]

Now we wait for Cesco and Samantha, but also came very quickly. Coincidentally they were also Pilot and Navigator!

DSC_1192 DSC_1189 Before we went to the Electric Umbrella, we have a first round Inoventions chance to go on a Segway. That was actually less difficult than I thought. We’re certainly not like George Bush, went bottom with the Segway. O)

Now it was really time to get something to eat. Unfortunately my salad was a bit disappointing. I take that one next time more …

After dinner we look at Journey into the Image Nation gone. Geordi particularly like the dragon, figment, so very much.

Once again we are off to Captain Eo been. A 3D movie starring Michael Jackson. This road has been long, but finally (at least temporarily) back.

We had actually decided today to just sit back and relax and in between to relax here in our house, and then later return to the park because we had such a dinner reservation stand. But before we could notice, it was almost half past four. So the effort was not to return. But it all went really good. Just very relaxed.

When we were in Captain EO was started to thunder and rain. We decided nevertheless to go ahead to Test Track walk and we would see. Only the attraction was, logically, closed because of rain. So we decided to just first go to Spaceship Earth, and then … we’ll see!

Some time we slightly curious about what the Disney Vacation Club. But because “Timeshare” after a visit to Orange Lake ignorant a pretty dirty word had become to us, we were still somewhat cautious to. But curiosity has now really playing … We go and talk with a very friendly cast member. He was, of course, very enthusiastic and told us that nothing should include, and certainly not being pushed to the above but to do so. He invited us for a presentation tomorrow at Saratoga Springs and would at most 60 to 90 minutes. Take a look … of course can not hurt.

After that we had this knot was cut by another that we could choose from 12 VIP passes (special type fasstpass) and 100 – in Disney Dollars! What would we choose, we need to know until tomorrow. Kyle, the cast member, assured us that we are definitely not Orange Lake practices could expect …

By now it was really time to go to Test Track! Geordi looked really really looking forward to it. … And he found himself now big enough up front to be seated. And you know what, he had quite right too!

Really he has sat next to me laughing and are doing. It was all quite a feat even harder liked him!

So gradually it was time to become the Garden Grill to go for our dinner.

Along the way we just enjoyed the water paintings a cast member was making. Too bad it dried up pretty soon!

DSC_1224 DSC_1218 DSC_1219Garden Grill is the revolving restaurant in the Land Pavilion. The theme is really not focused on ‘life in the country “and the vegetables served are also Disney land responsibly grown. The food tasted very good case. We had a nice salad, Sweet Patato fries, macaroni and cheese, turkey breast, roast beef, etc. The most tasted very good and our waitress was really great. During the meal came Pluto, Chip, Dale and Farmer Mickey along. As a dessert we had strawberry / rhubarb cobler. Really delicious!

Should really be careful that we do not eat too much.

DSC_1232 DSC_1235 DSC_1227 DSC_1229

After dinner we walked towards Morocco, here we had a reservation at the fireworks stand in a special area to watch. Always love that stuff. We had actually a pretty nice place, although I must admit that I view from Japan and Italy do better!

Illuminations was wonderful again and again because we really quite enjoyed it. When the show was over we went back (finally) to our car. Only now … we had a problem in between … Because we no longer have the park (on the shoes out after then), there were no groceries …

So anyway here but the Wal-mart to. We were all pretty tired all four. I found it annoying at this time to do some shopping, especially since the kids were really tired. But that feeling disappeared largely because we

Wal-Mart ran. At this time messages with (much) smaller children was clearly quite normal. It was just very busy, with parents and children.

Anyway this Wal-mart we fluff later sometimes completely. Now only just bought the things we needed. … And then very quickly to our house here!

DSC_1276 DSC_1282 DSC_1287 DSC_1308 DSC_1348 DSC_1356

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  • 1 MattRob (Robert-Jan) // Aug 4, 2010 at 17:08

    Wauw, wat een geweldige dag ! En wat moeten jullie trots geweest zijn op jullie kids in vol ornaat zeg ! Prachtig zo’n foto in een leeg park voor de bal. Die kan je inlijsten !

    Wij zijn ook een keer naar de DVC geweest, is allemaal heel relaxed, heel vriendelijk, niets moet. Maar ik heb na lang rekenen en nadenken, het toch niet gedaan … Was zelfs op het moment dat de dollar op laagste punt ooit stond … En nog geen spijt van 😉 ! Maar ik ben benieuwd hoe het jullie bevalt.

    En tja, de Walmart, dat gaat 24 uur per dag door hoor ! Altijd druk, en altijd kinderen 😉 !