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Day 12: Animal Kingdom or???

August 4th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Google translated!


Plans are to be changed, right?

Because we here in Orlando using the Disney Dining Plan, it was necessary to “pre-planning to do what we are about on what days were going to do. This to the “table service points” as well as possible sharing. So yes, we have an itinerary. Of course here the first week of off subsided. But now we are in Orlando is of course best room for modifications in the plans.

So today we are going to Animal Kingdom. We were there after our visit to the Disney Vacation Club to be led. But last night we both have noticed that we have not really felt like. Animal Kingdom so. And since most plans may be changed, we have a nice relaxing day of it!

We were about 845 picked up by a gentleman of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), leading us to the presentation in Saratoga Springs would bring. Here is located the office of the DVC. The children were caught on the spot at the Kids Club House. They could tinker, play games and much more, who amused themselves there. Meanwhile, we were guided by Jeff. Very nice man who clearly Disney blood through the veins over spray! But Kyle has not said too much yesterday … It was a presentation where the possibilities discussed were made. There was no gepush and certainly not aggressive. Must say we were impressed! In a sort of hall were a number of rooms from the DVC to reality after gebootst. Gave a very good impression.

We got a stack of leaflets and with our shopping card (which we have finally decided!) And with a good feeling we took the kids again. The presentation ended with a (nice) ijsje.En then we were placed where we wanted to go to Disney land. In our case back to Old Key West.

DSCN7352DSCN7355 DSCN7353 DSCN7354

Just relax. Cesco wanted to settle some things from the villa. I myself am the children go swimming. Not in the big pool but the pool which was near our villa. The water was delicious.

After about an hour we went back and we have made ready to go to Downtown Disney. Because we have the opportunity to take the boat went, we went nicely with the boat. Our villa is situated on the waterfront and throughout the day, there are also inshore boats.

First Earl of Sandwich searched for lunch, then we saw it again.

The sandwiches were great again!

Then began our shopping adventure. First in the Christmas shop. The question is: we will soon have new balls in the tree or not … We have some thinking time!

A Tinkerbell bought the car. I had seen hanging yesterday, but have not purchased because I was not hungry for it to drag. Did that come later. Apparently a good idea … because it turned the same beautiful pendant $ 4, – to be cheaper …!

Thus we went through the shops. Here and there a few pins swapped. Besides, after Tink, bought nothing. Around half past three we decided to take the boat to return to our villa. Proved to be a good idea, because when we reach our resort back to the abandoned boat, the network began to rain! There was another thunderstorm.

DSCN7364 DSCN7363

DSCN7367 DSCN7370 DSCN7373 DSCN7377

In the shop of the hotel, I had really nice Disney Crocs seen, this time in my size. Because this nowhere to be found, I wanted to buy them. We just found out that we had forgotten our coupon. No problem, she kept them apart for us!

In the hotel is nice and some relaxation before we had dinner tonight at the Grand Floridian for the ‘Cinderella Happily Ever After Dinner programs. So Sam wanted to display her love Cinderlla dress and Geordi are Prince Charming costume.

The dinner was great! It was a buffet of good quality. The choice was not very large, but it was good and very tasty.

The children were delighted and had a lot of attention with their beautiful clothes!

Step sister Anastacia guild like the whole room to her sister Gisella that there is a very handsome prince … The (real) prince was bewitched by Samantha, but still opted for Cinderella itself. And it was an honor to both the prince and Cinderella time while on our table. The children (and we) have enjoyed!

Summit was completely Samantha was taken by the Prince to dance and he knew her name. She had big blossen on her cheeks.

Geordi had a red cheek … but that was because he was a big kiss from Gisella had received … we really enjoyed the kids and more!

DSC_1357 DSC_1359
DSC_1362 DSC_1366
DSC_1373 DSC_1377
DSC_1374 DSC_1383
DSC_1384 DSC_1390


After dinner we went back to our resort. Could the children something to bed earlier and was much appreciated!

These days we really liked it!

Tomorrow, the studios on our program. But who knows … Who knows, these plans changed again …

Google translated!


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  • 1 Tinnetam // Aug 4, 2010 at 10:08

    De magie spat van het scherm af. Wat een heerlijke dagen hebben jullie on property.

    Bij ons schiet een bezoek aan AK er de laatste paar keren ook bij in. Iedere keer plan ik AK in en iedere keer kiezen we voor een relax dagje.

    Veel plezier in de Studio’s vandaag.

  • 2 MattRob (Robert-Jan) // Aug 4, 2010 at 17:08

    Lekker hoor, zo’n dagje 😉 ! En weer prachtige foto’s van het eten. De kids hebben het geweldig, dat is wel duidelijk 😉 !