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Day 13: Disney Hollywood Studio’s

August 5th, 2010 · No Comments

Google translated!


Today the Hollywood studios were on the program. After a quiet start in our house, we went on the road. Once again the car was just the easiest. And so we walked around ten o’clock the park. When checking bags still laughed. Samantha the man’s bag was checked to search her purse and seeking. I thought, where he is now looking to do. But that question was quickly answered when he asked Samantha where she had hidden it well pixie dust! Samantha on her cheeks flushed it. Especially when he told his colleagues that he had a girl who had a bag of Pixie Dust!

That requires an explanation … I once made us all a SlingBag. Such a bag that’s easy on your shoulder can wear and what things can end, without you all day dragging am. useful for a rain poncho and a bottle of water in it. And so is that of Samantha embroidered a bag full of Pixie Dust! (Geordi him with the text: a bag full of Magic). The man asked me or Samantha Pixia dust wanted to share, but rather kept them for herself. Geordi came with his bag lol … the man did it with laughter and asked if he might share with him what Magic Geordi … Well is not that hard and wanted to share some Magic. Lovely entry way into the park and we caught ourselves that we are back with a great big smile on our faces here wandering around. Life is still hard …

On our first mission: get a fast pass for Toy Story Mania. Experience shows that if you do not immediately after entering the fit … and you (if you dare you) in the normal queue stand. And you will not really happy, wait 100 minutes is nothing. Are we not do so. But we were lucky, around 15 hours back was our time.


DSC_1399 DSC_1398 So now time for something else, that was the Great Movie Ride. 10 minutes waiting time, thus easily overlooked. It’s been one of the older attractions of the studios, but he remains quite fun to do. It cools off at least as comfortable …

After the Movie Ride, we went to the Little Mermaid. Is always a nice show. Or laughed. Behind us sat an American with a decent telephoto lens on his camera. Not particularly, so here are walking around more. But when Ariel on the scene between Samantha and the man began by photographing Cesco. Really really not normal anymore. Believe that the man sure has 200 photos are making. And given the size of the lens … I fear that her head is not on it …

After the show we are still quite a laugh. It was a crazy situation, anything!


Meanwhile, almost 12 hours already and we could pass a new fast fetch. These were steps from the Rock and Roller Coaster, very favorite with children. In this rollercoaster Geordi a special place in his heart, because this is the first roller coaster where he has been!

The queue for the Tower of Terror was too long for our liking. We do nothing today, we must. That makes a lot of difference. Enjoyment is at least the top of our list and we do really full!

We decide to first but just something to eat. So looking for ABC Commissary for lunch. That was so cheeseburgers and fries! I do not eat very often, but every now and then slide it in fine. It was just very crowded and the wait was quite long. According to Cesco did this because the chaos in the kitchen. Well you can hardly wait. But we were also in no hurry, so the wait was so bad it does not.

DSC_1447 DSC_1451

After dinner we went to The Muppets 3D. Should always laugh at those typical Muppets humor.

And then … we could finally go to Toy Story Mania. I just feel we are treated terribly run. Dare to say no or only by our ‘tour guide’ was, or that the layout of the park is not completely logical.

The ride was great again. Cesco was the winner and has Samantha Geordi reports. The latter did not really like … but if his problem is?

DSC_1458 DSC_1453 DSC_1454 DSC_1456

En route to the Rock & Roller Coaster, we are still at ‘One man’s dream’s been. A sort of life of Walt Disney. S always nice to here it again to walk, if only for cooling down.

While we were waiting for the doors were opened again the cinema is a very nice conversation with a cast member. What beer replenishment can bring sometimes not. It certainly makes regular stories go!

Now before we go to the Rock & Roller Coaster go … first a drink. Such a nice big cup chilled. Well I can tell, that was just delicious!

After this short, with so welcome break, we went to the Rock & Roller Coaster gone. When we arrived we were not inside of (something moody) cast member. We were but three minutes early!

But we’ll wait here. If you’re happy there is no problem.

After 3 minutes we could be waiting inside. They welcome and we have many times happier …

The ride back was really cool and (as always) too short.

DSC_1459 DSC_1461 DSC_1464 DSC_1466

Through the shops we went back towards our car. We found it a day has been. In one shop has a nice blouse for Cesco seen. He did it just change it but it was just completely to the heat in the dressing room. The blouse was not so nice and so we have not purchased. Ces first had just straighten!

DSC_1470 DSC_1468

… And then quickly to the car and to our villa. Just before we relax later at the Rose & Crown in Epcot for dinner!

The relaxation was certainly very good baby. Geordi was even watch TV while asleep. So we walked 19 hours from our villa to guide the shuttle to run. The stop is near here, so that’s nice easy.

I was alone when we arrived at Epcot just lost my sense of direction. Indeed, we were deposited at a different place than I am off this week!

But it was happy.

A little late we arrived at the Rose & Crown. Not my thing, too late, but it was not very happy.

Just wait until we were called lasted very long. We did not mind because it was the even more likely that we eat during the fireworks could see!

We got a great spot and were, as we have already accustomed to here, good weather helped. Samantha wanted to Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash Cesco chose, Geordi for a pizza and I myself am for the Surf and Turf (steak and fish) went. Unfortunately, my steak is not really well, he was a little burnt. I had to send him back obviously, but I chose to leave it that way too. Well here at the waiter told. He could get the account, which is very tidy. But we still have dinner on the Dining Plan so that was useless. But it was very friendly.

DSC_1472DSC_1474 DSC_1489 DSC_1499DSC_1531DSC_1523DSC_1524DSC_1534 DSC_1535

The food during the fireworks were very nice and especially very relaxed! Anything by waiting and a good place to occupy and nothing hanging over the railing and see that you really really tired! I can kind of dining heartily recommend, although of course you ‘kind of food “account. it is still English!

The dessert was pretty powerful and sweet, but so delicious!

After dinner we walked our gemakje toward the exit. We enjoyed it too. None of those masses in which you conducted them to the park but as soon as possible to be! We enjoyed a delicious.

Along some photos shot of the illuminated sphere and so we walked to the shuttle. We were just at the spot where the Old Key West “bus stop when the bus arrived already running. Quite a luxury because we had a bus to ourselves.

The children were in any case would be cool, because now they could sit wherever they wanted!

In our house the children as their bed indented. The best long days they make. But they enjoy and want (like us) do not miss minutes!

Tomorrow we start with a breakfast at Chef Mickey and then we go shopping and we’ll see where we all come!

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