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Day 15: Sea World VIP

August 7th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Google translated!

Today we have the Magic just behind us and went to Sea World.

While we always love to get Sea World, this time we have seriously wondered if this time we have wanted to go to Sea World. Earlier this year there is an orca trainer died and since then during the show will no longer coaches the water. Of course we understand this, but the great strength of the show Believe all is the interaction between orca and trainer!


Maar now I wander off … For today we have a VIP tour booked. That means that we are a group of up to 12 people seven hours long guided through the park. We had so far been very positive stories heard about it, so we have made the leap!

Before we went to Sea World, we come to the park what is eaten. Only that was a bit disappointing to be honest. Is again a high one for next time! At Sea World, we had a perfect parking spot: in front of entrance.

Shortly before 10:30 hours at the desk told us to Sea World and our VIP cards were prepared. About 11 hours, the tour started and we, well Our group tours have been noted to Lindsey.

Meanwhile, me and Geordi here to Shamu (as a character meeting) went. That he wanted very happy. A few pictures and he was happy.

Because it was unwise, given the time, we just went into some shops. As promised today to feel quite hot day to be. But we were prepared and had our already well lubricated!DSC_1574

About 11 hours we went to the assembly guide and Lindsey volunteered. It clicked in any case, good! It seemed that we would have a small group, but there were still four men ‘search’ to be. Then we had a group of 10. There was no wait for the missing persons. Who were forced, if they still came naturally, himself but later join us.

First we went to the Whale & Dolphin Theater went to the dolphin show. Last time, two years back so that we were here there was thunder in the air. This meant, for security reasons, not the full stage performances. So this was the first time for us to have him as a whole have seen. He was very nice!!

DSC_1575 DSCN7390
*Our photographers today…*
DSC_1585 DSC_1613
DSC_1598 DSC_1644
DSC_1660 DSC_1714


Then there was one of the highlights for today: feeding the dolphins!

So easily guided. You get priority and she ensures that we get our dishes with fish. Samantha did, I had not expected of her, yet a bit creepy. But after the first fish, she got a little loose. Geordi who thought it was really beautiful, which still had some fish dishes like it! It was petting the dolphins and fish than give a real experience.

DSC_1790 DSC_1793

DSC_1797 DSC_1799


*Photos by Sea World self-made, will be added later!*

After the Dolphins were the rays turn. That we could give shrimp. Samantha thought it was quite scary here. And when the Rays had splashing wet hair too … she found there was nothing left and just to cry. In a funny moment. She steps with ease in the wildest and scariest rides … and a ray run is scary. Geordi did it again outstanding, with Samantha’s cup but also fed the stingrays.

DSC_1839 DSC_1840 DSC_1843DSC_1854 DSC_1855

Then it was lunch time. We were given meal vouchers with which we could eat a restaurant of your choice. And what I said to myself this morning: Sea World is not Disney … it struck me again. It’s those little things.

I wanted Fruit Punch drink was … but had to choose something different. In itself not a major problem, but Disney would have it trimmed it was there. The bins bulged out, there was one employee who was standing next to … apparently for show … So I can mention some examples. Anyway, as I said as: Sea World is not Disney, so we adjust ourselves ;o)

DSC_1860 DSC_1859

After lunch we went to the Shamu Stadium brought. First we have the underwater view. And it is not, I get like a splash of water over me because the great whale sprang right up there again in the water did splash. Very nice! But it was more fun to this place and are underwater in the pool to watch. Then the stadium. Just went splashing but fortunately it was only some splashes. Otherwise Lindsey for ponchos provided. We are still well cared for, we may at any time to request a bottle of water!

DSC_1883 DSC_1873

Like the dolphins, we had a special place. Excellent views and plenty of room.

The whale show was not bad. They are best taken care of. But still … I miss that interaction between trainer and just orca. And I miss Tilikum, the great whale that is always half the audience was wet with his tail! Lindsey said that if it is located at Sea World, everything is possible as soon as it was before the accident. But now the government wants to cross and, after all investigations are completed.

DSC_1913 DSC_1975 DSC_1984 DSC_1998 DSC_2030 DSC_2039 After the orca show we went to the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium went for the show of Clyde and Seamore. One of the best things here I still think the actions of the mime on the show. Really we had a really bad all laughed at him. Me would get very full blog to write about this mime. But what he does and what we see is difficult to understand (and even harder to describe) if you have not seen it myself … The show itself was again laughing. In one way or another there will always miss one another and there! Again we had reserved seats on a very good place at the stage.

DSC_2046 DSC_2048 DSC_2058 DSC_2062 DSC_2068 DSC_2071 DSC_2076 DSC_2078 DSC_2089 DSC_2093

Now they were sea lions themselves turn: we had to eat them all! Lindsey took us to the best place to do this. And even if we do not first say … they really did right, this was the best place. You should of course look for the avid road-grabbing birds. But you did not throw over them. So unless you’re not paying attention, just went to the fish to sea lions. There were also some little baby sea lion, fish here if you do not specify.

DSC_2102 DSC_2101 Now we went over to a completely different program from the VIP tour, that a number of attractions. We we started Crunch. If you did not want was also excellent. But Samantha was already high bouncing, rollercoaster huh … And Geordi had also feel giant. I just had Geordi recalled, he was just too small to be allowed inside. Tears of sorrow, he had so wished. But hey rules are simply not for nothing. Samantha was again persuaded me to go and stayed with Geordi Cesco. Through the exit we were brought to the Kraken and were very fast, second row, boarding. A cool ride again.

Now, Atlantic Journey to the turn. To be honest … I do not like rapids. But when I said … I had a sad Geordi walk beside me. Cesco who really did not, he was very clear. And I was again … I am week and especially for Geordi, but gone. Samantha eventually went along.

Lindsey accompanied us and was still spot alongside Samantha Samantha … asked if they might participate as well. Lindsey said no, my walkie-talkie should not get wet. I burst out laughing and really said teasingly that really was the worst excuse of all time …! Then Lindsey went away … and came back and joined secretly without radio equipment in addition to Samantha in the row. She went anyway, resin ikke fun!

The trip was fun and happy less wet than I thought. If I had to ride the movies to believe I was soaked, but that it was so.

And now, the moment, especially Samantha, has been waiting for: the Manta was the turn. And yes again volunteer mothers were victims. The Manta will you first sit down and just before tilting the seats, so you lie! Can not say I felt really comfortable! The ride was okay. I do not know if Sam me here again to get going. It was not scary, but the way you did in the attraction was not really pleasant.

Here ended the tour today. It was 7 hours behind a guide to opportunities. But as we have certainly not experienced. We had a great guide and they arranged everything for our group. Despite being a very warm day, it was really good to do. The tour we have really found a must!

DSC_2115 DSC_2130 DSC_2140 DSC_2152

*Sam and I are really in, just look at the two seats left.

Geordi has this picture of us yet!*

DSC_2168 DSC_2169

Anyway … and now we decided to still go to Wild Artic. In the souvenir shop where they sold last time magnetic rocks and we want now to have another bag. We were just in the ‘helicopter’ when it broke and we were transferred to another ‘helicopter’. Moment on the ‘South Pole’ and then looked around the souvenir shop, but unfortunately no magnetic stones.

We have also discussed what we would do. Still remain for the evening show, or go back to our villa. We chose the latter option. We can come back to our holiday here, our cards are valid for 14 days.

First things to our stuff and then put our house we wanted to go to Downtown Disney for something to eat there. Only we were not exactly the only one with this idea. Man it was so busy saying there! First challenge was finding a parking spot and fortunately that worked fairly quickly.

We planned to, especially for Geordi, the new T-Rex restaurant to eat. Cesco has a Rainforest card so we would have priority seating. Only this card did not apply in this restaurant, although they are of the same chain. We could really are in the row and then we had, thanks to the card, half waiting. But alongside the queue for check took the queue for a table is certainly one hour! That we saw, unfortunately for Geordi, not sit here.

But then at the Rainforest Cafe to … there was really MEGA pressures. Cesco had his map and was then in the queue for check-put. Ehhh where we have this card? One of the benefits of this card is that you have priority and not have to stand in the queue. But no … he was simply waiting his turn. Waiting time (in addition to queue for check-in) 1 hour and 10 minutes. Think they were crazy. That would mean that we only have ten would have a table!

So look for other options. Actually … it might sound spoiled, it just felt wrong. This was not what we were accustomed to the Rainforest. Cesco therefore turned to the lady who divided the tables. She was angry at the same lady who stood behind the check, because cardholders do have priority!

So no huge queue for the check, we would get a table within 15 minutes! Common? Perhaps, but there are cards to use!

Even faster than expected, thanks to observant Geordi we had not heard, we were already called. So instead of 1 hour and 10 minutes, we were now within 5 minutes all at the table …

We had a very friendly waiter to us, despite the crowds, served us very well. The glasses were well filled, even if we did not miss him here see it coming! The food was excellent. Samantha had something with shrimp, chicken Geordi had jungle, Cesco a citizen and I fell for the pasta (which was really delicious!).

After having eaten too much, we still count as one the World of Disney caught up. I still had that coupon and wanted to get a keychain. At checkout we found that we were in the right store … but this coupon only to exchange was between 9 and 12 hours. I know, read for pleasure these sometimes very difficult …

After this we quickly went back to our villa. It was still later than become really intended. Tonight I had my little camera along. But forgot to make new batteries to stabbing. So a camera, but one that did not work …

Tomorrow we are early in the Magic Kingdom is expected to breakfast at Cinderella!

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  • 1 MattRob (Robert-Jan) // Aug 8, 2010 at 22:08

    Wauw, weer zo’n hele lange dag op jullie gemak doorgekomen zeg πŸ˜‰ ! Ik had het zwaar, zo’n hele dag in Seaworld ….

    En mooi van die bon; stond op achterkant van etensbon uit de Disney-parken, toch πŸ˜‰ ! HAHA !! Nou, dus nu vroeg opstaan en naar World of Disney … ? Die overigens pas om 9:30 opengaat, dacht ik …

    Doe rustig aan met de weblog, het is vakantie. We zien vanzelf wel weer een update πŸ˜‰ !