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Day 16: A Magical Magic kingdom!

August 9th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Google translated!

*Some photos are not (yet) of good quality. These are screenshots from our Disney Photo Pass. As soon as we get our photo CD, these pictures will be replaced by the ‘real’ pictures! *

What a day what a day today. A day that started very early. Own fault, for who is there now for eight hours in the morning appointment in Cinderella’s Castle? Well so we only have our Disney plans by the war kicked by “Wake Up Tinkerbell ‘to delete the program. But do not worry, we still had much.

Our bag was a big surprise for the kids, so it would do well to come today.

The tradition seems to be, and that’s really nothing for us, but we were so late in the day again today. This time not even our fault, the shuttle was late in the day, really! We were ‘only’ 10 minutes late, so it was not so bad.

First we got the picture with Cinderella and then we got to go upstairs where the restaurant sits. We got a nice place assigned. Let godmother and the mice but are … Only there were no mice and no godmother … Aurora, Snow White, Ariel and Belle walked around. Where had we seen it now … Okay there was one small difference: Belle had her blue and white dress and not her beautiful dress.

The food was also good, we had French toast with cream cheese to choose. It looked a bit like a appelbeignet, but tasted good. Only if I really be honest … this was for me no breakfast $ 180 – worth (for us two dining points per person). For us personally, it was dinner, what we have done two years earlier, more successful. Another experience richer, so to speak.

untitled1 DSC_2185
DSC_2182 DSC_2183


Because we had an appointment at 10:01 a.m. represent children at the Boutique BibbidiBobbidi after breakfast we stayed at Fantasy Land. She still knew nothing. But the first PhilarMagic and we were the first guests to be. Even here it seemed that we were the only guests, but joined a few families still on. But the hall was also very empty, but the park was only just opened!

Now it still was quiet in Fantasy Land, but we also like Peter Pan’s Flight gone. Find mainly Samantha always very nice!

The kids should like to very much in the carousel. We agreed in the Castle Couture shop. Meanwhile, the children we could advance quickly check in for the Boutique! They were really happy surprise that she might go again. We had previously doubted whether we do it this time or would not do. But we were together agree that this might be the last time for Samantha and she was still just as good had to enjoy.


DSC_2190 DSC_2192


Samantha wanted this time a Fairytaile Princess style (with crown knot) and Geordi was a cool dude in the program. But first both dressed here before them in the magic chair to sit. They have really nice things there again and especially enchanted Geordi (with his suit Bobble) stole the show completely. A guy with wings on his back, that’s quite normal here!

They were together completely pampered and they looked at again by a ring to get!

Geordi image

Once outside it was raining pretty to have while we were inside. It was dry again by now. So before the weather would … splashing on the Fairies in Toontown!

Great weather. Tinkerbell liked the way Bobble, so Geordi. Terance was very jealous, because he was secretly very much in love with Tinkerbell. Faun and tried to Geordi with its long tail, a mustache (mustache) from … Really laugh. Samantha (but certainly Geordi) has really enjoyed. But she is really a big fan of the Disney Fairies, Tink though still far above on!

DSC_2224 DSC_2223
DSC_2226 DSC_2227

image DSC_2230
DSC_2239 DSC_2240
DSC_2248 DSC_2245

And especially for Robert-Jan…:


So now that, now, heavy bag but also drop off. So it was a locker rental. Only there was just not our bag to fit. But there was a solution and allowed us our bags at the luggage store. This is Disney, almost a panacea!

Meanwhile at the Magic Kingdom “Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party ‘started. But we wanted something to eat at the bakery. Proved a good choice, because it began to splash out again. Have you ever seen the Main Street Parade? Well we got him than 3 times faster seen it The parade was, but still a lot of dancers and music, rapidly drove back to back. We are very round and laugh. Shortly afterwards came back with really pouring down. But we were in and have had no problems with anything. What timing back, or was it secretly back to the Magic?

One of the photographers Tinkerbell secretly Indicates that after a certain time, except Tinkerbell and other fairies were. Samantha really, really wanted to like Rosetta and Silvermist yet to meet. And be honest if I could blame her. So we went back to the Fairies.

We tried to find out what it was now. But that was to last a surprise. When we almost had to turn to Tink and her friends (again) to the meeting we asked the cast member. She came back and she was not good news, Terance, Faun and Tink were. But she had a surprise for the kids! They had a Magical Moment! When we got back to 15 hours if we give priority to the Fairies, and then there were guaranteed, except Tink, other Fairies. Cast Member Sharra knew all about it and everything would be fine.


image image

Well what do we do now in the meantime (we continue to think I walk back and forth to and from Toontown). We decided to go to Liberty Square. Only ‘from the’ Haunted Mansion ‘was now the queue too long. And the Hall of Presidents “was also not here. Then visit the Christmas shop only once. It beckons now … a Disney tree. but so far have not bought anything!

And then … yes back to Toontown.

Sharra was not at that time, but her colleague had told all about it and we had passed the. The kids were all hyper at the moment.

And then … Samantha was her good fortune. Rosetta and Silvermist were. Oh she was happy! Silvermist Geordi quickly hid and called Tinkerbell that she had a surprise for her. Tink is as curious as … let them all lie (even the people who were ready to take her photo taken). Came around the corner and cried really hard Bobble!! Okay now turned Geordi from ear to ear …

It is difficult to describe this moment. But know that it was fantastic and we have enjoyed so much! This Magical Moment was certainly very successful and the icing on the cake.

This is where Disney is so good, in that very small but very special things. We are almost convinced that the Magic of Disney today governs the rain! Because now is the pouring out of the air in here while we are again not notice.

DSC_2284 DSC_2266

DSC_2271 DSC_2273


DSC_2279 DSC_2280


Now let’s Toontown for what it is and are now in ‘the Hall of Presidents. ” Since Obama is president of America, we never been back. Geordi was for nearly a feast of recognition. He recognized things in the movie. Then it wanted to tell his sister again sssssssstttttttt hissed back at him. The first week of our holiday has really made a strong impression on him!

Now the ‘Haunted Mansion’ turn. Only it was not. Showed that something had happened and a cleaner had to come first. Who gave us “Rollercoaster Tycoon” visions …

Within 10 minutes it was solved and we could inside. Keep a nice find haunted.

DSC_2287 DSC_2293 DSC_2299

DSC_2301 DSC_2306

Meanwhile I had a blister on my foot, private debt was necessarily my new crocs this morning to, so just wanted to go get a patch to the emergency room.

Today, between rain showers, a rather cloudy day. But actually we experience this as free and comfortable do we do this more than we previously planned. But we pick the day and pick out what we can get out. But of course, is capitalized at the top enjoy!

image image

Meanwhile we get some features and decide already what to eat at Pinocchio. Previously, you could always eat well, so now even gambling on. The food is fast food, but also tastes good>

After dinner we Tomorrowland in.We start at the People Mover for a tour of Tomorrowland. Then we Cesco a favor and go to “Carousel of Progress” in. I find myself not really all that much to me and being rubbed by the children well. Well fine, I can live with!

DSC_2318 DSC_2319
DSC_2321 DSC_2324

We walk out and go back Tomorrowland already a good place to find the parade. That was in the square at the beginning of Main Street. Was good, I could just pass the photo to link maps together.

There is a little girl near us who truly believe that was on the sidewalk Tinkerbell (Samantha) Sat With open mouth and big eyes she was still very dreamy Sam’s eyes. And still they came back. The girl was simply enchanted.

The Main Street Electrical Parade was definitely a success. Samantha got a kiss from Tink thrown. Addition of Tinkerbell is our view successful.

DSC_2337 DSC_2348 DSC_2353 DSC_2364 DSC_2373 DSC_2375 DSC_2377 DSC_2388 DSC_2403 DSC_2419 DSC_2437 DSC_2452 DSC_2473 DSC_2500 DSC_2525

We had a reservation to see the fireworks from the Tomorrowland Terrace view. The view was certainly not at the castle, which stood behind the tree. But this we actually even more than previously seen the fireworks! The fireworks is awesome. And these days Fairy additionally to close …. Tinkerbell was flying today as from the tower of the castle to Tomorrowland, right along ‘our’ garden ‘! There was a very happy girl …

DSC_2617 DSC_2553 DSC_2562 DSC_2574 DSC_2585 DSC_2589

When the fireworks ended, we walked to the shuttle and there we could almost immediately board the bus that brought us back to our resort.

It was a long but successful day. We did not really want to miss a minute of it!

Tomorrow it’s all one notch less.

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  • 1 Jolanda // Aug 9, 2010 at 09:08

    Helemaal Super!
    Wat zien de kinders er mooi uit!!!
    Ook wij genieten me van de mooie verslagen die je maakt!
    Gaan jullie nog verder het land in?

  • 2 MattRob (Robert-Jan) // Aug 12, 2010 at 09:08

    Zo, liep even achter, maar haal weer wat in. Wat een geweldige dag zeg, de kids zien er prachtig uit. En dank voor de extra foto voor mij 😉 !! Dus toch 😉 !

    Hall of Presidents vinden wij ook altijd geweldig. En Caroussel of Progress moest ik Yvonne ook inslepen, maar uiteindelijk vond ze het wel aardig 😉 !