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Day 19: Blizzard Beach & Islands of Adventure

August 12th, 2010 · No Comments

Google translated!

This morning stood at war, the now Blizzard Beach or maybe not. But the sun did break through, so we decided to use just to gamble.

But first breakfast, this time we have done in the Caribbean Beach. Thus, the counter service points even a little bit!

The breakfast tasted good and then we went to Blizzard Beach. So no cameras Disney photographers … hello! Weather giant photo pass so easily.       image image

It was not really crowded (yet) in the waterpark and soon we had found a place. Although not entirely under the roof. But perhaps just enough to keep the towels dry should it rain anyway.

Now a first round in the lazy river, always fun! We enjoy most of it, although there is already some dark clouds drifting over. But it was still dry.

The children found this quite amazing and amusing themselves fine in the children’s section of the park. Nice klunzen on the ice before. And what fun the little daring cable car and then a splash in the water splash. No, that had it so good. And we too, we enjoyed them again!

Unfortunately it started really (quite) to rain and we decided to go back to our towel. Must be so awful, people in swimwear laughing … and then go pick up a raincoat because it rains …!

There were two of us stayed dry towels and the other two (those of children) were still not as safe as we thought. Luck we survive it again.

Meanwhile, everyone had to leave the water (and left too many people like the park …). After about fifteen minutes hard rain cleared up again and another fifteen minutes later everyone was allowed back into the water. We decided to go to the Spring team (family raft) to go. Long climb up, because the lift was still out of use, but it was really fun (and wild!). We sit screaming at the ‘scary’ curves!

Unfortunately pulled the air again and we decided that we would be better the park could go. Before we really went away even just a lunch inside pushed. We already heard the warnings that everyone had water. So it was no decision has been crazy!

image image

image image image image image

We returned to our villa. Just some nice clothes and relax.

Around half past three we got on the car to go to Island of Adventure. We have already heard from many people that day really MEGA pressures, but after four more to be done. Only Harry Potter World opened and attracts considerable public. And with two Potter fans (Ces Samantha, have devoured the books and films. Myself only the movies) we do not skip it.

DSC_3029 DSC_3032 DSC_3039DSC_3046DSC_3044

The crowds seemed to fall into, until we walked into the Harry Potter World section. Hey this was really not normal. And to be honest, I felt no pleasure in this crowd and was slightly nervous that we would lose Geordi. Samantha would be great to save. She always calls it: I do not speak English. But the last time here in America, they really proven! She speaks not fully correct sentences, but she is really good to argue here. Get across, and also asks for everything. We are really proud of her!

Wait for the Forbidden Journey attraction was now 75 minutes. A long wait, but the line went by pretty, so we decided to go for it.

Which is a bit unfortunate in this whole place. Now there is so much money invested in this project and then forgets the details. You are standing in queue at the castle led and then there is suddenly the back some kind of ugly shed opposed to stuck! Too bad they do not also have theme decorated. Another example: The garden of the castle is the queue, there is enough. Suddenly the line runs from a side gate and you’re right in Juressic Park! That was a bit unfortunate.

IMG_0414IMG_0415IMG_0417IMG_0419IMG_0420 IMG_0423

Continue the tour of the castle was very great and only whole attraction in itself. The attraction itself is a big must. Definitely no regrets that we had to stand in the row. This was great.

Hihi the picture here but we will not go. No we just skip this and go just about completely different things to talk now.

Yes really, now … so now!


Do not look, just read now!

After this great attraction is in the shop tried to look around, but it was really huge pressure that it almost could not be done.

We are in the row connected to Oliva’s more, the wands shop. Well again a long wait, but forward.

In small groups we could inside. There was a group there was one person removed from it for which the appropriate wand was sought. Very nice done (we have already forgotten the queue). Then if you own the shop itself a magic wand pick (and pay of course). Maybe I am now a Vader, but I found the prices very high and was very impressed that Universal April 1 double salad from the entire Harry Potter at the store was gone. $ 30 for a magic wand some of which were just plastic!

Even outside the shop itself were people in line to be allowed into the store. And if it should be even busier during the day, pfffff.

DSC_3062IMG_0434 DSC_3068

Along with Samantha, I was in the Dragon Challenge. Geordi had liked but was still a little too small. And he did not really like.

The red dragon was for us and it was another great ride and the queue was (thankfully) short. There was half hours when we went inside. But do I think a 10 minute wait. So was not too bad.

Samantha is still followed, especially for Geordi the ‘Flight of the Hippo Griff’, a small eight job. Geordi and was again happy.

It was then less pressure in the Harry Potter section, but for all rows were even a candy shop in a row to be allowed! But it all looks very good, but if you do not bend to run o)

We decided to Harry Potter now as to what it was and went towards the exit. Could we take the road even as Spiderman. The attraction then, not Spiderman himself!

Geordi did it all super, but he also like Spiderman.

I had really sore feet and have no idea where. Spent the whole holiday was not such a pain in my feet than had today.

Meanwhile it was already half past nine been a good time to get back to the car. Pfffff hobble hobble, yet what a long walk to the car! Where is the train, a train which is also on Disney ride??

Know that they are not, so we stumbled on to the car. Was certainly nice to be back in his villa. Perhaps we’ll return the week. But to be honest … Universal Studios and Island of Adventure are not really my favorite parks. I can not explain why. To the attractions is also not really, because especially the roller coasters are great. I suspect it is purely to do with the atmosphere.

Tomorrow we go at least what’s Arrrrrrr add to our holiday!

DSC_3086 DSC_3084 DSC_3085

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