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Day Eleven – Chef Mickey’s, Professional Photoshoot & Down Town Disney

July 31st, 2008 · No Comments

WDW - Chef Mickey The extreme early morning alarm went off. Because we had a breakfast at 8:00 am at “Chef Mickey’s”! We were excited to go. Samantha’s hair was still quite neat, so Miriam could easily attach the ‘tail’ again. Geordi’s hair had become a big mess though. So we washed it thoroughly. He is now sprinkle and glitter free!
“Chef Mickey’s” is in the Contemporary resort. We drove there with the car. At the gate we got a parking ticket for 3 hours.

Before we were led into the restaurant, we were first put in front of some board for a picture. We were assigned a table and the food was ready at the buffet. It all looked very good!
We picked some nice food items and went to our table. One by one, the Disney characters came to your table. Nothing new … we already have experience ;)
Donald came to see us first. He was teasing the kids. Those two were literally doubled up from laughing. Donald was soon followed by Chef Mickey him self!
Just to see the faces of the kids in such moments, that alone is enough to make us happy too.
Goofy, Pluto and Minnie came around later as well. It was really a very nice breakfast. One small issue… they are currently renovating at the Contemporary and so a considerable area is walled off. This detracts from the atmosphere as a whole.
After breakfast quickly walked to the shop here. Miriam’s watch is broken and she wants to get a (temporary) replacement. She saw a sort of Minnie keychain, which is also a watch. It’s is funny and helps her out for now. Miriam and no watch is a bad combination!

WDW - Chef Mickey's Around 10 am we were expected at the Polynesian resort. Here we had an appointment for a photoshoot. A photographer would walk with us to make nice (semi-)professional pictures of us. The car we just left at the Contemporary and we went to the Polynesian resort on the monorail. This resort is in Hawaiian style.
We arrived on the first floor (2nd floor for US!) and it seemed logical to ask at check-in where exactly we should be. Check-in was down-stairs. There we were sent to the first (2nd) floor, as was there a PhotoPass desk there. D’oh! Miriam had seen that desk seen there and even considered to ask if they knew there were we needed to be. But alas … She thought that at check-in they would know more! That was a smart action!
Photographer Shannon went with us. She took us to various locations in the resort and made (many) pictures. There was a minor problem … the sun was already quite bright, and although she tried her best to shield us against watching in to the sun, the air was very sharp.
But nevertheless she still managed, we think, to take nice and beautiful pictures.

After the pictures we were right next to the shop and browsed it. Geordi bought some nice things for his new room. He was totally happy of course!
Went back to the car with the monorail and drove back to our hotel.
WDW - Polynesian photo shoot WDW - Polynesian photo shoot Down the road we thought about what else we would do today. We chose Downtown Disney.
In the hotel room we quickly changed, grabbed some stuff together and went on our way to Downtown Disney. When we walked out it had apparently rained as well.
While driving there the rain came back in earnest and once we were at Downtown Disney we waited in the car for a while until it was drier. But then again, what idiot(s) leaves their rain ponchos in the hotel room…

The rain, fortunately, diminished and we walked into the first store. The big Lego store. It was pretty cold in there! We didn’t seen anything funny really. Then on to “The World of Disney”. This is a super large shop with a super range.
Samantha was soon dragging a Disney Girl doll (the blonde) around, which she really wants to have very much. She wants to buy it from her own Disney dollars. Geordi would love to buy a Pal Mickey for his Disney dollars. WDW - Polynesian photo shoot And the pirates set for Mickey as well. Miriam promised him that he would get that set from her. Samantha would get the Tinkerbell set for her doll. Yeah I know … we are crazy!
Some nice little trinkets got thrown in the basket as well. Only thing Miriam missed was the Minnie & Tinkerbell shirt. That one she’d really like as sleep shirt. Well we will probably run in to it again somewhere.
I had been looking for days for a new watch. The one I now wear is just bad. I preferred to wait to look for one at Disney and had seen a few nice ones. Miriam thinks I chose the best one!
WDW - Polynesian photo shoot Because Miriam collect dolls and now also runs a (small) company in doll clothes, she could not leave the Disney doll behind. She chose the one with brown hair (She has some clothing ideas for this doll …).
Then it was about time to checkout. It was not too bad.
The stuff was put into the car and we doggedly continued shopping. Samantha could not wait until we got to where the “Pin Traders’ are. But it was a bit disappointing. In 5 years a lot has changed. Unfortunately there are no “build-a-pin” anymore and furthermore supply was less than we were previously accustomed to. Pity! Still Miriam saw a beautiful pin for herself.
Outside stood, as usual, the pin-sharks with their collections. Samantha had already been warned by us about their way of exchange (often multiple pins asked for a single pin). She saw the Tinkerbell pin that she wants to have (Minnie dressed as Tinkerbell. Miriam has that one on her cord as well). But the person obviously wanted (that’s why they’re pin-sharks) something special in return. In itself that is not even unreasonably, as they themselves want to expand their collection as well. But for Sam it was disappointing. So we’ll keep on looking to see whether she can trade it (fairly) somewhere else. She has seen it once in a shop, but she wants to try to trade it with someone. We still have time. If you fail … we can buy it obviously ;)

WDW - Polynesian photo shoot We got a little hungry and went to Goofy’s Candy Store. Here, we “made” our own cookies. You write a note with your name and check what kind of cookie you want, what dipping and toppings you would like. It was sickly sweet, but for once it’s fine!
They had nice tables … when you stepped on the lever, the table shot up and became a standing table! In the shop of Winnie the Pooh we bought a nice gift for Corine.
On the other side is a Christmas shop where we wanted to have a TinkerBell license plate personalized for Samantha. So we had get it from the car. But first see what other fun items they have. Well … enough!
Samantha’s lucky: they sell a very nice TinkerBell Christmas ornament. And for Geordi they had a similar type ball (Mickey head shape) but with a Mickey on it.
I went to the car to get to the plate and took some stuff to the car. I came back … without plate! Not smart.

We decided that we first would go to the Rain Forest Cafe for something to eat. It was pretty busy and there were quite a few people inside and outside waiting for a table. So that would take a while… Miriam thought …
WDW - Polynesian photo shoot WDW - Polynesian photo shoot Wrong!… Cesco has a Rain Forest Safari Club card and we were led past the big row over to our table. That’s a handy card!
The Rain Forest Cafe, we think, is always a really nice place to eat. The theme of the restaurant is obviously completely rainforest in style. You’ll be sitting between the, animatronic, elephants and gorillas to eat. The ceiling and walls are covered with plants, vines and other jungle green. Really very atmospheric. Overhead hangs a monkey on a branch. And while you sit at the table the animals begin to make sounds and move in turn. There’s regular ‘storms’ in the rainforest, it’s all so real.
Cesco chose the Rain Forest Burger, Geordi went for hot dogs, Samantha for little cheesburgers and Miriam for the Rumble in the Jungle (turkey wrap). As usual, the portions were too big. But it was really delicious.
WDW - DTD: World of Disney After dinner I walked back to the car to retrieve Samantha’s license plate.
Together with the ornaments we will have it personalized. At least, we completed the forms and when it is ready it’ll be shipped to our hotel. Very handy.
But here again we called attention to the letter G. In the US it could be written differently, somewhat like a capital J we know. But it will all be fine they assure us, so we wait.

Now all this was settled we went back to the room. We wanted the kids in bed at a reasonable time again today.
And both of them really needed it, apparently!

While they slept, Miriam went back to work on the reports.

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