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Dag Thirteen – Epcot

August 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

NOTE: “Google-translated”! Updated manual translation will follow…

WDW - Epcot When we got up, flashed the light of our room phone. This could mean that the balls and Samantha’s license plate was worried. Cesco has eavesdropped message, there was something delivered to the front desk for us. It was an envelope from the “Magic for Less’ to which we most of the trip booked.

After breakfast we drove to Epcot. Today we wanted our tour there and finish at the end of the afternoon at the Rose & Crown in World Showcase eat in England.
Cesco is a fast first pass being picked up at Soaring, since we still wanted to visit every one. Meanwhile I am with the kids went to the Character Spot. You gotta do when you’re waiting. It was certainly nice and cool inside!
The signature booklets could remain in the bag, because they actually already had everyone stand who we were meeting. But if the special spots is sometimes just more fun here than at the table.
First we went along with Mickey, then to Pluto, Minnie, Chip and Dale and Goofy to the last. There were also pictures for the photo pass, which is already starting to be filled also nice! In this spot we have a character cast member “nominated” to sjagerijnigste cast member of Disney World. Crikey what a jeweetwel was. You had this, and that you had, you had to sit (preferably together) and you had to side. Do not know much aside, we stood aside even more back to his spot Mickey! They forgot just one more word, please! And the sour face there … But enough of this, we are here to have fun!
WDW - Epcot Once again we are outside the Universe of Energy was. We were just in time for the program already started and soon we were in the ‘trains’ steps.
After ‘Universe of Energy “Soaring we walked to our fast pass to use. We were slightly longer than last week, but what does it out. We have vacation and we are still faster than in the normal queue.
This time we Sat in the middle gondola. Geordi had to be sure his toe slippers put out. Intelligent … I saw them all fall down during the “fly”. This time we were in the middle gondola. Find a really great attraction. Especially the “fly” over the orange groves, the smell also to orange!

Soaring After we went to World Showcase. World Showcase part of Epcot is one where one piece from 11 different countries have built their own country. They usually have typical for their country recognizable buildings reconstructed. You can find in the shops also buy specific things for the country.
For the children it was double fun at World Showcase, they had upon arrival at a Disney Epcot Passport received in the welcome package. Now they could in each country and an endorsement stamp out. In addition they could also stick the stickers in the passport. Was fun.
We started in Mexico, but not before we had eaten nachos! Then we entered the temple to an Aztec Fiesta Grand Tour to the Three Cabaleros (Donald Duck, Panchito and Jose Carioca). We had him in this performance never seen, but it sure felt very nice.
WDW - Epcot Outside stood in his Donald Duck Mexiacaanse clothing. Of course the kids just wanted the picture.
After we walked through Mexico to Norway to go into the Maelstrom, a (wild) in a Viking boat.
When Mulan and Mushu in China were posing for pictures. Geordi Mushu not know, but did want him on the picture! Mulan was there, so tired he was okay. In the post, the kids stamp their names, date of birth, age and Chinese zodiac in the Chinese written in their passports. That they found something!
When we wanted to run from China to Germany, the bridge was open. Hihi did not know where a bridge had it! They came with fireworks sail boats. The Great Globe during the fireworks show was used to the starting position risks.
Bridge closes, we walked through the outpost to Germany. The kids of course had to get a stamp. Even just looking at the dolls. But besides them I really really like the price, I do not really pretty. Walked so quickly!
Now it was Italy’s turn! In Italy, the San Marco Square in Venice in miniature replicas. Have the kids explain that you are not between the 2 columns may walk by, because it brings misfortune. This has once again interpreted as a guide in my own (real) was Venice.

Best fun to many countries on one days to do! In America we first drank anything since we had a lot to it! It is a pretty hot day today (above) World Showcase is open Fri. On the patio we sit overdubbing or we or not the “American Adventure” would go. We wanted at least the “Spirit of America Fife and Drum corps show. We were already that way when we were stopped by a cast member (who belonged to the America Pavilion). He asked our name and said he was looking for us. Huh … how can that he pointed us in, and we had a phone call in 2334. Mickey, we got to the line! They congratulated us with our Anniversary! (We are recognized by our buttons all day and is regularly called Happy Anniversary to you). It was really fun. Especially his face … that Geordi was stunned when he heard Mickey!
WDW - Epcot We got the same cast member also has a special Anniversary certificate which he took our marriage and the number of years said. Really senseless fun! We were also invited to the Spirit after a special place to come and listen to “The Voices of America” and then also another special guest in the “American Adventure”. Of course we could not resist!
But first we looked at “Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps” This formation consists of 2 men with drums, 2 women (small) flute and a flag bearer. Dressed in old style clothes they played familiar American songs.
After the Spirit when we were first, because we were special guests today, the picture with the members of the Fife and Drum Corps in the picture.
After we were and we were ushered to the balcony to the “Voices of America” look. Really we had great visibility and execution was very good. As if this were not enough VIP treatment … if we had together as a first place in the great hall to find out before the rest of the audience came.
WDW - Epcot Voordat ‘the American Adventure’ begon werd de Family Peeters ook nog eens speciaal welkom geheten, waarop iedereen ging klappen! Before “American Adventure ‘began the Family Peeters was also another special welcome, which everyone was clapping! Hihi Samantha ashamed bad … Everyone looked at me Mom! And out of her mouth, she is usually always front what ‘key area of interest’ concerns …
The show, a film with animatronics, was very nice. It was mainly about the history and progress of America. It ended with the best known and most moving images above. As soon as the Olympic flame onstak Mohamed Ali, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, the last (live) images of the astronauts of the Challenger, the hoisting of Old Glory at Ground Zero and some thought worthy moments.
The souvenir shops have been talking with a Cast Member. They came from South Carolina and asked if we ever had been. Yes, we were in Charleston. She really did great. She had very Cesco laugh when told about our boat tour there!
Off to Japan! Here we have been last week, so now only one stamp removed. The names of the kids were now in the Japanese written in their passports. I am a very fun activity in this way
A few countries to go. Now was the turn of Morocco. Unfortunately, for the kids, the character spot was empty. Therefore achieved only stamps in the passport. Outside was a belly dancer in the dance. Very strange … the audience consisted mostly of men …
After we arrived in France to Morocco. And quite frankly, we have very little in this country. So it was a short visit.
England was Alice (in Wonderland) in the garden with the kids on the picture taken. Must be so laugh at Geordi, who is obsessed when it comes to “female beauty” is!
In the library were Eeyore, Tigger and Winnie. Well of course here in the picture!
Et was now really time to go to the other side. WDW - Epcot The Rose & Crown where we had a table. Nice talk with the man behind the check. He had the P & O ferry worked as a children’s entertainer. Our waitress was from Northern Ireland and Samantha was her equal. Because yes ireland … She also told her that she did Irish dancing and the waitress was very enthusiastic right. She had done it myself because it was stopped. She had a little regret it!
The food was delicious and again is going too far. The kids had a pizza for Cesco and marinated pork, I myself went for the steak and fish.
For dessert the kids had an ice cream and I kind of cream mousse with Bailey. Very tasty!

Canada did not get today. But because we had eaten in the restaurant, we were at the Rose & Crown use of a special place to be able to see the fireworks. I decided now to the camera into my bag to sit and just enjoy the fireworks! I always find it a wonderful fireworks and the kids also enjoy best. Geordi find all the hard pop less!
After the fireworks exit quickly walked towards the car to go to.

Once at the hotel were now worried the plate and balls. With its viertjes we are here to pick up. They are really beautiful.
So time for the children to sleep and report themselves to the work!

WDW - Epcot WDW - Epcot
WDW - Epcot WDW - Epcot
WDW - Epcot WDW - Epcot
WDW - Epcot

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