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February 3rd, 2010 · No Comments


Yesterday it was time to make dinner reservations for our stay at Disney. Really ridiculous that you have to determine when and especially where you want to eat this far out… But on the other side: if you don’t, others will have done so well before you and you’ll just have tough luck!
So reservations it is…

We had, based on the recommendations of Tourguide Mike, already prepared an itinerary and on it made a schedule of where and when we wanted to eat. This time we asked the children what they would like to eat. And sure enough Mr. and Ms. had requirements too! So the schedule was printed out and spread over the table, there were 4 phones handy, laptop at the ready and we started calling…

Because we booked through Disney England, we did not (yet) have an American reservation number with which we could have made reservations via the Internet. I had called them earlier in the morning and they gave the advice to try again around noon. So that’s what I did. Miriam was happily dialing the Dining Reservations Hotline, while I called Disney in England. While Miriam was still getting the “office is closed’ spiel, I was transferred directly to a Disney Dining Cast Member by the English Cast Member. I just skipped the queue (or actually I got someone before the queue opened, as Miriam was still listening to the same message) and had someone on the line that got our reservations in order. We were both really astonished!

Because were staying in one of the Disney resorts we can make reservations for 10 extra days at once. Otherwise we’d have to call every day to make reservations one day at a time.
First get the first day’s reservation out of the way and then the important ADRs, like Cinderella’s Royal Table. I had a nice lady on the phone who thought we were very well prepared and everything went smoothly.

We could even make a reservation for the BibbidiBobbidi Boutique and the League Pirates at the same time! So that too is already booked.
We got a whole list of reservations numbers and except for two, everything is now fixed.
The last two can be booked in about two days from now. But only online. If this doesn’t work, it is not really a big issue. But we are confident it will work out.

Earlier this week we also already rented a car through USA Reisen. We have opted for a Mid-Size SUV from National. We were previously looking at Alamo for the Equinox class, but because the drop-off fee one has to pay because the car will be returned in another state was much cheaper at National. I have pretty good experience renting from National, so we went with National. It was a good deal, besides the usual discount we also got an extra early-booking discount, which is always welcome!

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