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Day fourteen – Animal Kingdom

August 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

NOTE: “Google-translated”! Updated manual translation will follow…

This morning we had another breakfast in one of the parks. So many special breakfasts and dinners in this holiday as we have never had. But we have a Disney Dining Plan and that you can, using the points you have, organize as you want.
Once at Animal Kingdom was really very very hot. We had more or less decided that we certainly would not stay all day!
First to the Tuskerhouse for breakfast. We were so in line. It was (again) during a breakfast and dinner were Donald, Daisy (Katrien), Mickey and Goofy come along.
WDW - Animal Kingdom

The food was very good (and much) and it was also most pleasant. Geordi has been dancing with Goofy, he was really into his sentence. But I’ve experienced it myself as something less. It all went much hurried to it. The characters were almost run down the tables and after half an hour we were eating outside and all again. Without pictures, we found that because really expensive! We understand there is really nothing more. Because when one dinner or breakfast get you a photo and the other must be paid back. Not that that so bad, but $ 31 for a photo we own but so-so … I find best paid!

Anyway. Samantha wanted very much like the Dinosaur. I not once made a number of years back and it was never for me! Cesco But she got mad enough to go with her. There was a queue of 20 minutes, so that was good to do. Meanwhile other cool things I do with Geordi in Dino Land USA! Hihi we are together in the “Triceratops Spin’s been! A kind Dumbo the Flying Elephant, but from Dino’s! Geordi wanted to operate the button and had together, how silly this attraction actually is, giant much fun! So that despite everything we had done together and we were really quite tough!
WDW - Animal Kingdom And yet very tough because we were doing … Are we then also have been together in the Primeval Whirl. This is a kind of rollercoaster carts which rotate. On the way to like gebumpt and done (so nice just after your breakfast). But we had fun together and that is all about.
We just came out when we saw Samantha Cesco and run. The Dinosaur was not scary, the first thing Samantha said! I never said it was scary … I love just not very loud noises.
Actually we wanted to walk back to the exit, but Geordi really wanted the “Tree of Life” too close. That makes it look good when you go “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” (in the Netherlands, this film is known as a Bug’s Life) is, ie which is just below this tree. This attraction is a 3D film and the characters in this film also play a role. Cesco and I were prepared and were therefore not a wasp in our back ‘stuck’. Especially Samantha jumped rot! Hihi only made the comment that attraction all super nice!

WDW - Animal Kingdom Once again we are outside a shop just walked inside. Geordi has bought a Pal Mickey 2 days ago. And since this morning, Mickey suddenly says not a word. After 2 days of course is very fast. We suspected that it was the battery, but because it happened so soon, we thought it better to figure out in the shop to watch. So if he really proved his piece, he could be exchanged!
It was indeed a battery problem so, hopefully, these batteries last longer!
Through the camera center, as all photos to a photo pass link. We had, I think 5 of those cards in our possession! The camera center is everything in a moment put on one card.
Way the children have traded a pin with 2 cast members. Nice of the Trade (exchange) is the conversation you get with the people. Fun conversation and then we had really gone back to the car! First for the hotel to get some bags to throw and then towards the Target. Because Jo-Ann’s also sitting there, I have just looked like it too. The dust in my head that I had sold them unfortunately. But do have another nice piece (with pootafdrukjes) and bought a few dolls clothes patterns. These costs really nothing 3x!

A little further was a Subway and because we now have a little pull to get started, we decided to eat a sandwich. Children totally happy. In the Netherlands they always eat (as if we sit there every week …) love!
Also studied the map and then we knew what we wanted, Cesco gave the order. The woman behind the counter had been better able to attract a shirt that says: I’m Grumpy Subway instead of her shirt! My God what a piece of crab was. She sneered to Cesco that he only had to give bread to her by. When Cesco just looked at us, I saw them behind his back was pulling crazy pelvis and had to roll her eyes. I also told Cesco: I do not think very much I still feel like a sandwich to eat!
But we did pull, Cesco did so anyway to order a new attempt to pass. She began to do so weird and ugly. Cesco has said that nothing we did have and that her attitude and behavior did not like us. We therefore run away. Surprised with 2 children after us. But Samantha did have well why we went away and because she too had seen the woman are ugly and mad pelvis had to withdraw behind his back Ces. Come on say it!
WDW - Animal Kingdom We promised the kids we went looking for another Subway. But now it was better if we first do what we just went to Target to do something back. That was so chirp. Yet even some bottled drinks to our thirsty already achieved a little lesson. The lady at the counter made us depressed mood again something quite good. Simply by being friendly! Looking therefore to another Subway. Well … there are there are ENOUGH!
Whether coincidence or whether more people had fled for that piece crab … but here at this Subway was pretty busy. But with a little patience we finally got our sandwiches. Well … it tasted! Even Geordi, who do not really eat much, ate everything!

WDW - Animal Kingdom The plan was actually to go back to the hotel room. But a little further were the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores. We decided to do a quick look here. It was bigger than it looked from the road and there are nice shops best. Such as Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Disney Outlet store, not to mention a Samsonite store. Cesco has a nice suitcase seen there, but not yet purchased. And men say women … …
By Tommy Hilfiger shirts for a few Cesco scored as 2 shirts and Geordi … a shirt for Samantha. That she had already seen another shop of Tommy, but her size was not there. Now she is lucky!

Now we thought that we have a thing “had to” bring along the party store. Samantha is late September birthday and wants to give a Halloween party. How about better look for Halloween here in America. The Halloween section was under construction, but we already have 2 nice decor items found in convenient format, read a flat pack!
Maybe later this week we have to come back to.
On the way back to the hotel we have a dinner sometime in the Outback. That was our only quite like. Unfortunately this time it fell a little disappointing. It happened the same branch. But it was all less than we used. Especially the fries, all of which 2 cm pieces and terribly well done. She wanted to bring new chips, but we left anyway. The meat was certainly very good.

Arrived at the hotel dressed quickly transformed and stir with the kids swim. If we had promised and they found, and we even found it really wonderful here!
Satisfied they could go to sleep. Tomorrow a new day!

WDW - Animal Kingdom WDW - Animal Kingdom
WDW - Animal Kingdom

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