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Day sixteen – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

August 5th, 2008 · No Comments

NOTE: “Google-translated”! Updated manual translation will follow…

WDW - Disney This morning we were in pretty good time for the car (again) to go to Hollywood studios. We went early so express it not so very hot and so would we now can get a fast pass for Toy Story Mania (a relatively new attraction).
For a little time to spare we decided to have breakfast at the park instead of at the hotel.

There was quite a queue at the entrance, but the gates were not opened. Once open we could still reasonably quickly inside. We chose the inside route through the store … go! We had also decided to temporarily split. That is Cesco fast passes to get Toy Story and I already take the children to the restaurant to where we could have breakfast (this time without fuss indeed!).
Along the kids were kind of a fan presented. Well … since they were very happy!
Already found a place in the restaurant and then had to wait for Cesco. That lasted a bit longer, because it was also drawing the fast passes to be very busy!
Good bagels eaten for breakfast and the kids wanted to eat a fruit salad. Excellent!

After dinner we walked towards the Muppets, we do always find it funny. And so there they were … The people of the “Disney Dreams Giveaway” and they were Dream Fast Passes to share. That was bad luck have!
With this special fast as we can pass the busy attractions without us there first in advance do have a fast pass to get! You can do any fast pass attraction once.
But first to the Muppets in 4D again, then we saw it again! We were at least in the right place at the right time was. When we came out of the Muppets they were gone!

The kids found the Muppets very nice. Having to consult as we have already decided to “Toy Story Mania” to go. Could we with our first dreampas in and then again sometime with our fast pass. Now we were good times 2! Luckily we were locals.
You get in a car and you have a kind of cannon for you, a 3D glasses on your nose. You drive through the attraction back and still you stand at the screen for a moment and lets you use the gun to shoot targets. Was this really fun ride.
We walked out … and then back in with our fast pass! Was really fun.

WDW - Disney After Toy Story, we are now we still had a dream pass, the ‘Rock and Rollercoaster “gone. Was really cool again. Must say I’ve enjoyed it more this time than last time. When I have made quite sure to Geordi. Such a small man (he was about 2 cm greater than the minimum length) in such a wild ride. But he found it quite amazing so now I could enjoy!
In the picture at the output from my camera, my sunglasses case. It must have happened there, because I only brought out my camera again. Inquired yet, but nowhere was he found. Now I do not care who Flut glasses, it was not so expensive, but the principle that someone else has just taken the glasses are stuck here. Especially when you know that I recently that we in America are already in cash and another cast member and have issued as lost object! Even a camera bag with camera, we found it (and of course issued!). But I was also temporarily sunglasses-charge your life!
WDW - Disney We, Samantha and I have doubts whether we are the “Tower of Terror” would go in, but Samantha was ultimately no sense. No problem though.
Then the first show of “Beauty and the Beast” again. We had, you can not have it, what a moderate position in the theater. But that was more because the people before us were really non-stop were always different and sat down. The result sometimes the kids could not see!
The show was fun again and the kids enjoyed it.
Although we had excellent fit to our necks hang … we decided to go the park and some other things to do. The heef us in any case a very fine sense given that we have made part of the “Disney Dreams Giveaway” program. You still see people still carrying the card around their necks and walking so we were happy to agree!
Before we left the park even as the first photo passes together to add. We use 2 passes and occasionally we get another one when, as in the water park yesterday. To avoid them you lose, you the pictures from one card to another card to upload. This is a camera center.
Still anything gesnackt and drink and then we went back to the car.

Once back on the road as we went back to the Lake Buena Vista Outlet Stores. Cesco travels a lot for work and a good case is simply a must. He had been here and looked left and right of the week he had here a very nice case (for a good price) seen. So now that we went out anyway.
Then we drove to the Mall at Millennia driven. But we were actually ready so funny … Well, diagonally opposite Ikea is that they know so well here. And … we are quickly passed it!
WDW - Disney But even been to the Target. Did not even get another sunburn. We now have is accidentally stabbed with a pin leak! And before all things fat …
Geordi Samantha wanted a banana and an apple. Too similar for them … they bought and sold here Jelly beans. Sorry … could not resist the temptation here and we have all four scooped a small bag.

We had a little time to monitor, because we have dinner around half past seven in the Coral Reef restaurant at Epcot. But we still had time to even by the Prime Outlets to miscarry. There were still a few shops where we are wanted. Cesco and I have scored at least one other sunglasses!
WDW - Disney At Victoria’s Secret (lingerie) Geordi tripped over his own feet and came with his ugly knee at the foot of a pole line is “appropriate. Big cut on his knee. Course in tears! Someone from the staff stepped in and went out like plasters and bandages. Now the patches little on the small side, so it was a (well-look-I-am-sorry) dressing! So now I could finally go and fit.
I laugh at the prudery rot me back here … men may not necessarily meet the ladies fitting rooms. If you need advice, but you need to press the bell.
But I did not fit Sat enjoying myself, so I was so ready. Hihi I have no bell needed to assess whether something is or is not to my taste …
But again. We wanted to have the Disney store, and one other store (I just lost the name). What little things bought by Disney and 2 massage balls in the other store. Now we were done!

So on to the hotel. Just some stuff dropped, sat and drove to Epcot. Epcot Extra Magic Hours had today. Then the park for resort guests longer open. You should only get a bracelet.
Although we really do not want to leave today. We do decide to get a bracelet. The “cost free” and you never know where it is good for!
Really up to the restaurant! We eat today at the Coral Reef, which is located at the Living Sea’s.
As usual we got back we had a pager along and waiting for a call back. That wait lasted far too long the kids have their way.
But eventually that thing was still flashing.
WDW - Disney We were brought to our table by someone who originally lived in the Netherlands. And when we sat our table, unfortunately very little visibility on the back so the aquarium was still a Dutch-speaking waiter over. He said you had to apply what you said … they can simply mean here. Hihi we had to laugh.
Geordi had his off time as we say. But even after having been on our lines, we survived again!
The food was good. Samantha and I had Mahi Mahi fish, pizza and Geordi Cesco pork. Tasted very good! It was just very cold in the restaurant.

Once outside again, we just put the pass it. The Epcot passport of the kids had even put 1 stamp and then he was complete. So on to Canada. Just before the fireworks show they got their stamps.
We decided to take a small phone to watch the fireworks. But we’re halfway towards its output fell. The show we have now seen 2 times and we wanted also to his great power.
We were also so in the car and so the hotel!

WDW - Disney WDW - EPCOT

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