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Day seventeen – Magic Kingdom for a last time…

August 6th, 2008 · No Comments

NOTE: “Google-translated”! Updated manual translation will follow…

This morning the alarm went off very early. Ideally I turned a couple of times. I am sure that if I had known in advance how special this day would be extra (free) magic … my bed was right uitgesprongen. Now what was I going slow!

But we were doing something special today. At least … that was our intention.
The Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle sits behind a shop TinkerBell. And every morning, the first visitor to this store TinkerBell wake. Because Samantha is a Tink fan through and through, it is similar in character even Tink, this would obviously be a great experience!

WDW - Magic Kingdom

WDW - Magic Kingdom So to think, we were like crazy, we reported at the gates of the Magic Kingdom. In retrospect foolish, no breakfast that we had made reservations for opening … then we could walk right into the park. But … that’s post.

It took a while and after waiting half an hour to have all the songs sung in the background turned-We were made a sort of quiz, from which movie is this song – we were finally through the gate. … Only for Main Street Station we had to wait again. It was now waiting on the Good Morning Show, then the park would be opened.
Samantha got a little out of the sun and really just had a sip of water. She was already a bit with Cesco in the park for a drinking fountain.
WDW - Magic Kingdom Once the park opened was soon back running and we hope that in time would be.
The bridge was still closed and we had to wait until the rope was removed. I Cesco already warned that more “hijackers were on the coast. Rope was gone and he put it together with Sam on the run. Well you should have it for free! Just as Samantha in the shop she ran hard and brutally pushed aside by another girl who wanted to be the first! The father of the girl was just really pissed at his daughter and she had to say sorry.
There was, unfortunately, though one other girl waiting. That was unlucky. Or not …? Geordi had become quite sad because Samantha had fallen and pushed quite sad because she could not wake TinkerBell now make. The treasure! He is, though you sometimes do not notice it, really loved his big sister!
The lady in the shop was also very well died and she decided that Samantha and Geordi could bring them to the ‘wake up’ ritual. Geordi got a sword in his hands and Samantha (just like the other girl what was already there) a wand in their hands.
WDW - Magic Kingdom Threesomes if they call, while the wand held in one box, “WAKE UP TINKERBELL”. And there came the tinkle of the shop by TinkerBell. She was awake!
They all three got a certificate. And Samantha was especially proud!
What a lucky chick who still has this holiday, Geordi way too!

Now it was really time for breakfast. We had already decided in advance to the Bakery on Main Street for breakfast. Well … it all looked very appetizing!
Geordi wanted a croissant and grapes. Samantha grapes alone. Cesco had a bacon / cheese / egg croissant and I kind of apple turnover … also with grapes there! Well it tasted just as delicious as it looked!
We are happy to run Toontown. One … it was certainly a very hot day today promised to be going. So everything calm and cool off, often in the shops.
Toontown is really funny and everything is like you see in the cartoon.
WDW - Magic Kingdom First we have in Minnie’s house. In the hope that the “Toontown Hall of Fame Tent next to the princess their prince could be found, we went over there. Unfortunately only ‘but’ Cinderella and Belle. After some photos we were so gone!
Then Mickey to his house. That Geordi was really fun. Mickey remains his hero!
The “Judge’s tent were Mickey and Minnie and together they have been here in the picture. We had secretly hoped that it would be Mickey Wizard, unfortunately.
The kids are together in “Goofy’s Barnstormer’s been. A small eight job, really for the kids. All were glad they went together, hand in hand. They were clearly together by.
Cesco went fast match “Peter Pan’s Flight” and we’ve already get to “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” in line. That was close together and was doing very well.
As Pooh after we have had for quite some time we were in Peter Pan, we are still here in the shop to sniff TinkerBell. This shop is primarily a great paradise for Samantha! WDW - Magic Kingdom She had something good going for her new room and we surprised her with a music box. Since the last 2 weeks she has really always been drooling for. I must say, it is also very nice. When the music box plays “You Can Fly” from Peter Pan. It is delivered tomorrow at the resort, saving for dragging today. Samantha was really very happy when they heard we had bought the music box!
Then Tomorrowland been run. We are in the queue of “Buzz Light Year’s Space Ranger Spin” stand. But that was really crazy. Much of the row was boiling in the Sun But with the nozzle, fan and pleasant breeze was still fairly bearable.
WDW - Magic Kingdom To be honest … was much fun yesterday Toy Story Mania!
Then walked back to Peter Pan. Or should I say TinkerBell. Hihi I think Samantha has all Tink’s spotted in this ride!
Because we got a little hungry, we decided to side with the Pinocchio something to eat. That was well before birth, so why not now.
Now I must say, this visit pleased us in any case much less.
You could not by one but had to go to the next door you came in next door, even if you do not, because they wanted Mrs another door you walked. And it was so hot.
We came to the door where we say hurray, it normally should. Everything was trimmed with rope and you had a mandatory route. And sorry, but when I run routes MUST then I cross, very cross.
Because it was quite busy at the counters, I decided already to find a table. After the “door thing” I was not already with the kids to sit an empty table. Sorry but now I was really cross. What is it suddenly for flauwigheid. Last week of this crap is NOT in any case. Actually they were for me keep their food taste! Maarja you want something to eat. So with 2 hungry kids but then again Cesco attached. It was through this practice a pretty mess at the counters.
Finally we had dinner and pure nature narrig I sit at the exact same table as I had previously dismissed. Puh so delicious!
And then you sit like you … fester below the line to crawl to get napkins. And like you to crawl under the line salad dressing to start packing. Can you do that 2 times in a row do … And now we finished eating, we may find themselves in the trash we throw the waste? Or they point one of Light … I know, but it clears the air a bit ;)
After dinner we went to get a fast pass being the Jungle Cruise. We were on one, for us, nice time back.
WDW - Magic Kingdom (A truly magical day!) We are now first again went to Main Street Station. Last week the kids had been given tickets to one visit every guest conductor on the train to be. And of course you just miss it! But the way we have made a stop at one of the stalls from Liberty Square to put a silhouette of the four of us to cut. Really so cunningly. We are very pleased with the outcome.

On Main Street it was still busy with preparations for the afternoon parade and we looked like or maybe we saw Steven walking somewhere. We had promised to him again to look like we were in the park. But we saw him not so fast. However, another cast member (Joey) who is manager of Main Street. He is the one by Geordi ‘was stabbed’ last week when Geordi pirate!
He was now moving to fast for us. Well hard luck, maybe later we had more luck when we came back from the train.
WDW - Magic Kingdom The kids were on the balcony will stand at the conductor. The train went through the microphone she could ride the famous words ALL ABOARD call. And if they go to press the panel buttons. Really great and they had a great time their meaning. Cesco was as close they sit down, if necessary, to translate things. But I must say … Samantha knows here yet very nice save with English!

Once again returned to Main Street Station they got a compliment that they had done so well. Yet even a photo and we are gone again. We just saw the tail end of the afternoon parade. And … We saw Joey walk again, so another attempt. Just before he (again) a door to walk quickly patted him on the shoulder Cesco. He looked surprised and then he recognized us. He pointed to Geordi and said to me you are the one who “stabbed” you! Steven was not there, but he could at the beginning of the evening or on Main Street are. Super!

On to the “Jungle Cruise”. Personally I find it always a bit of a silly ride, but it was fun for the kids. And it brought a nice little cool!
Then I am here to “Big Thunder Mountain” rushed to adapt fast to get there. Meanwhile, Geordi was Cesco with the ranks of Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. They were almost to the turn when I came back. Captain Hook Geordi would steal his bag, but that did not Geordi!
On the other side sat “Pirates of the Caribbean” and we are also equal effect. There was about 10 minutes waiting. Today is Jack Sparrow in the attraction process and especially liked Geordi very cool! Faster than I expected we were already back at the end. I feel this attraction always lasted much longer, but I am confused with Paris!

Time for ‘Big Thunder Mountain “(BTM)! The kids saw it down. But we did have just met for a fast pass “Splash Mountain”, on the advice of the kids! That would really like in here.
We could soon embark on BTM and the kids found the weather quite cool. Super Vet Cool even by Geordi!
WDW - Magic Kingdom One of the things that we do not really could not beat was the “Tiki Room”. Geordi think the song is always so very nice. Now he could see it in action.

Time flies when your having fun! It was again time to eat. Around six o’clock we were at the Crystal Palace for a dinner buffet expected.
On the way to Crystal Palace Samantha suddenly saw Wendy and Peter Pan are. This made them in the picture. She was lucky … because the cast member was about to close the row.
With a hug and signature of Peter Pan (Wendy and of course, but found them less important …) she said softly, with a little help, to Peter if he wanted to give Tink a little kiss. Of course he wanted. The flushes her cheeks said goodbye!

At the Crystal Palace, they had had on our table with a heart made Mickey glitter. So very nice! We therefore continue our ‘Happy Anniversery “button pinned down, since our vacation was our wedding anniversary!
WDW - Magic Kingdom It tasted very nice buffet and we were spoiled by our waitress gelegt. During the meal came Winnie the Pooh and his friends along. The kids would only have a signature of Piglet, the rest of the quartet were all in their book.
After dinner, the preparations for the evening parade in full swing and who we saw Steven walking … right! Steven had promised her his best efforts to TinkerBell a beautiful pin for her to find.

Samantha out, and she asked him if he had TinkerBell pins. He looked at her and said no sorry I have not. She wanted to look all disappointed … Then he turned his jacket and sat the pin so that Samantha really wanted: Minnie dressed as Tinkerbell. I saw him myself sitting on my cord. You had Samantha’s face should have seen. That was really super happy. Steven too. He has had so much fun last week with the kids for the parade that he thus has wanted to say thank you. WDW - Magic Kingdom He thought it quite remarkable that we were looking at him. That he had never seen his work and it made absolutely great fun! He had only to work again and we had another look at the photo center camera fit 2 cards to leave and then turn to ‘Splash Mountain’ to go.
We crossed the square … and we walked back Steven bump. They bounced back and forth tonight.

I sat with Geordi to front in ‘Splash Mountain’. It was very fun and it was too wet so bad. Samantha had invented to purchase a pin of Stitch for Steven. And she knew exactly what it was … the Peek-a-boo Pin! It seemed a good idea, so in one of the shops we bought this pin.
Of course Samantha was give him and he was as completely without question. Unfortunately he had to work really quickly, it was a bit chaotic tonight.

WDW - Magic Kingdom We have our own place to go searching at the beginning of the parade. How amazing that the press everywhere is, there is almost always a good place to find.
Okay now we are not quite in front, but still have good vision. This time no pictures from the parade made and are delicious to enjoy. We realized that we may be the last time we could Spectro Magic in this form to see. At the end of the year he moved to Paris again. And except that he will be in French, but you see what the rest of the original remains on parade!
The parade was over and this time we did not wait for the fireworks.
I have the kids here for one of the shops waiting, while our Cesco silhouette list went out.
WDW - Magic Kingdom I saw the “train-Ms’ walk from the kids who previously had received tickets from the conductor. I wanted to say a quick thank you and tell the child really had enjoyed the ride. She said it is very appreciated and liked it so much that they had found.
Samantha and Geordi were here at the shop in the window sit. Samantha watched as my camera.
The “Mrs. Train” saw us down and gave the kids new cards, meaning they had when they were again making a trip as a conductor. They were super happy, just do not think that we have in the Magic Kingdom this coming holiday.
Geordi gave me his card and I pulled away. And at the time was also right that I handle my camera was released …
Cesco was now back with his viertjes and we walked to the monorail station. Almost over … SH * T! My camera is still in the store. Samantha panicked and thought it was her fault. And I ran back inside to the store. Would he still standing. There was a group of people to shop, to where we had just sat.
A gentleman saw me coming run and I saw that he had my camera. He asked if I was looking for this bag, while he held him up. I could kiss that man and have him do a thousand times thanks! Pffff happy, he was right. Fortunately there are still honest people too! But I have something to “lose” this holiday.

I quickly returned to the entrance. The cast member who had left me back in was glad Cesco was happy, but Samantha Geordi was glad much happier. Poor girl thought it was her fault that I almost lost my camera was. Crazy girl! Have convinced her that it really was not himself and I had to look better.
With the monorail back as I could “straighten”. It was a very hot day today, but with all the commotion there again … twice as hot!
Nice back to the car. Geordi was so tired that he fell asleep in the car already had.
Once in bed in the hotel were also so they are both gone!

But what a lovely day it was. Again one days with additional Disney Magic!

WDW - Magic Kingdom (A truly magical day!)

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