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Day eightteen – A bit of everything, but mostly… Shamu!

August 7th, 2008 · No Comments

NOTE: “Google-translated”! Updated manual translation will follow…

Seaworld This morning we didn’t set an alarm because we really have nothing to do, aside from a dinner at Seaworld!
Only, this morning we were awakened at seven am by Geordi who accidentally had urinated in his bed. Miriam was miffed for quite a while, but he could not really help it. He was very tired yesterday and slept very solid tonight. So it was early morning. Miriam dozed a bit more in Samantha’s bed.

We ate, for us, a late breakfast. But we do not have to hurry today.
After breakfast at decisions that have been made on path. One of the things we really just had to do was go back to the box store where we bought our suitcases Tuesday. The seller had new bags from the back of the magazine removed, it was no problem because the same cases and the content model and knocked. Only when we Tuesday evening the labels of the trunks cut off, we saw that the labels got a cheaper price than we had paid for the bags! Seaworld If it went to a few dollars we found it fine, but now we were talking about almost $ 50. So worth going back. We were kindly helped. They did not understand himself could not know about. But because we had the original tags and receipt showing they did not at all difficult. We got the neat difference.
After the bags would also like to Cesco for himself at a Barnes and Noble (books) watch shop. He read a series and still missed a book. Unfortunately this was not in stock and ordering was no point.
Now Samantha bought 2 books, jaja in English! TinkerBell and read a book of a beautiful book about the Disney Faries. She was totally happy with it.
Seaworld Because Jo-ann a shop near here Sat, we are also just stopped by and we finally found what I really have searched the whole holiday: cupcake tins for Halloween!

We drove back to Downtown Disney to get something to eat there. We chose Earl of Sandwich. Too bad this place we have not been found. What a wonderful bread they have here! Still very briefly looked at the pinwinkeltje, but they have not the pin we are looking for. Typical case of bad luck!

While we all have taken relaxed day off, but now began to push a little time to visit SeaWorld to go.

Seaworld In Seaworld we “Dining with Shamu” on the program. I did this a few years back with Cesco done this and we would definitely do well with the kids!
“Dining with Shamu” is a small, but very tasty, buffet training along the basin of the orcas. During dinner, a brief demonstration held and told a lot about the killer whales. We had a wonderful place this time. The orcas, 3 total, jumped in front of us regularly from the water. Brilliant and very close. The kids have certainly enjoyed it very much!
The demonstration came after the coaches have stopped by the tables and you could all your questions, if you had fire. Samantha desperately wanted the names of the killer whales know, but dared not quite right to ask (shy). So Cesco has helped a little. The trainer has it all names written on a card.
At the entrance of the restaurant we all had a vippas to a rope and then received was also space for a signature. That was very fun for the kids again.

Seaworld After dinner we caught up to the Shamu Stadium one more time to enjoy “Believe”. It is still a great show to watch. Already had one of the Orcas as much sense not to work …
After the show was as Geordi’s time! He wanted the last time we were in the Seaworld Shamu Express roller coaster. Only it was closed because of thunderstorms and rain, to his great sorrow. We had explained to him that we have to come back at Seaworld and we were certainly doing our best that he went in or was. Today was beautiful weather, so he was now in the roller coaster, along with Samantha. He (and also hear Samantha) had a great time their meaning. Then they are equal in “The Flying Fiddler’s been. A kind of falling lift, only for children. Samantha had sacrificed she confided to me later, but was secretly still very nice …
Geordi had found steel drums and has been living there as well on. He could not get enough.

In good time we got back in the stage, the “Shamu Rocks” show. And our “own place” was still nice Fri From here we have very good vision on the stage.
The show was totally cool weather and with a sense of satisfaction we went to the car and walked out.
You would not say … but it was really a very relaxing day today.
Tomorrow we have unfortunately already in the bags and start packing on ‘to-go-home’ thinking. Sorry, we do not really want them thinking!

Seaworld Seaworld
Seaworld Seaworld
Seaworld Seaworld
Seaworld SeaWorld - Shamu Rocks!
Seaworld Seaworld

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