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Day nineteen – Packing and some more packing

August 8th, 2008 · No Comments

NOTE: “Google-translated”! Updated manual translation will follow…

Today is the day where we really have to go back into the suitcases and our suits ready to go for the morning trip to the Netherlands again. I can say that we do not have to feel like celebrating. But it is no different, it should be going back to work!

But first go and breakfast. Geordi loves chocolate chip pancakes and Samantha tries once a breakfast pizza. Cesco have preferred a real breakfast with bacon and scrambled eggs and I have picked again for the POP shuts with strawberry sauce.

WDW - Pop Century

WDW - DTD The kids have after dinner just watched TV, while we ourselves still here and we update the reports were prepared for the “last days things’, kind of day when you just have to do this here and stir it there!
Now we really showed that both suddenly no longer had much meaning in a diner in the Garden Grill “at Epcot. The time was unpleasant, and we had no meaning to it (again) quite specifically to go to Epcot.
We decided if we were in Downtown Disney, just in guest relations and by going to cancel the reservation. Just look at the list of what most appealed to us and that was the “Maya Grill” at the Coronado Springs Resort.

Towards DTD is also driven by Cirque du Soleil. We wanted to keep the collection complete, even as the La Nouba DVD out.
Then we went to the Marketplace section. First to the guest relations for the reservation to convert to a different restaurant. That was no problem and done.

For lunch we wanted (again) by Earl of Sandwich eating, but it was so terribly busy that we have migrated to Wolfgang Puck. Cesco and the kids opted for a pizza (which incidentally is very good looking) and I have picked an Asian sandwich. WDW - DTD This turned out to be anything less, it was not so good because. Anyway, bad luck!
At the Christmas shop some nice pictures. Maybe nice for Christmas! ;)
The air that came out was really getting darker and soon after we really had to take shelter. It was a very hefty thunderstorm.!

After lunch have gone back to the hotel room to see if maybe we could have online check-in. WDW - DTD Unfortunately this was not possible. Cesco but could be back in the reservation that this time there is no seat reserved for me was on the upper deck. As things looked Cesco and the kids sat up and I just downstairs. Good weather is nice prospect!

We had some minor things to do, so went back on the road. It fell together so bad and we were faster than we thought.
Came out nice … we could already start packing. First of all purchases made here together. … Eh ….
The aim was to Geordi his suitcase to leave because he was cracked all the way up. But later had to prove that he really had them because otherwise we had problems with the weight of the other cases.

We really had about 19 hours away, to the Maya Grill. But when we walked out the door was really pouring down from the sky. Because the ponchos were already packed, you will just see, we get a towel used to dry somewhat in the car. It was a hefty thunderstorm. But the sky was a beautiful rainbow!

WDW - DTD In the Maya Grill in the “Coronado Springs Resort” Samantha looked at her menu list was similar to what starter they wanted: Nacho’s! And if they wanted a main course pasta. Geordi would have the same. Cesco tenderloin tip, and I chose a mixed grill. Well it was really delicious but far above ENORMOUS! Do more like half of them leave. Sin, though.
But all in all it was certainly very good food at the Maya Grill and we had no regrets that we reserve the Garden Grill have converted!

After dinner we went back to the hotel to the rest of the luggage to pack. But we were already well advanced.
The kids were already asleep. In itself fit everything in 5 cases, but we had a problem with weight. Actually there was only one solution: Geordi his suitcase still use them!
But first we sleep, we were really tired!

WDW - DTD WDW - Coronado Springs Resort
WDW - Coronado Springs Resort WDW - Coronado Springs Resort

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