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Hot, hotter, too hot!

August 19th, 2014 · No Comments

This morning when we woke, the sun was already smiling at us. For today we have Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s planned. I already got a few fastpasses, and as for the rest, we’ll see what comes up.
One thing is certain… it is going to be a hot day.


At the entrance they were already handing out Olaf fans. The idea is to take pictures with it. But it works just fine as a fan as well and even Samantha appreciated Olaf. You see, she doesn’t have any connection with Frozen.
First we updated our tickets to ensure we have a full 5 days at Disney. We had a 4 day parkhopper with fun options. You don’t have to go 4 subsequent days, you have 14 days from the first day of use. Plenty of time. If you decide you need more days, you can just add them as needed, as long as entries are left on the tickets, and the 14 days haven’t passed. A very nice lady helped us get these straightened out. The plans are to do repeat visits to EPCOT and Magic Kingdom this week.
And then it is finally time to go check how bad the wait is for ‘Toy Story Mania’. We couldn’t get fastpasses for this ride, so we had to chance the queue. Ehrm… 105 minutes, what do YOU think… Thanks, but no thanks! It’s a pity, because it is a fun attraction.   There are rumours they’re going to double it’s capacity.
While in the area, we decided to do the Backlot Tour. A tour behind the scenes of DHS and Catastrophe Canyon for some special effects showing an earthquake and flood.
During the tour we also found the ‘Singing in the Rain’ umbrella. It’s close by the exit of the ‘Backlot Tour’.



Around 11AM there was, in front of the wizard hat, a processional for Frozen. Elsa en Anna got out of their carriage at the hat, to welcome the public from the stage. Frozen is (esp here) very popular. In the Magic Kingdom people will stand in line (with kids) for over 2 hours to meet Elsa and Anna. Where we stood, people left once they reached the stage. That is good… now we have a better view. Esp. since after the presentation and (what else) a singalong on ‘Let it go’, the ladies got back in their carriage which was opposite our position. Can’t have a much better view!  Winking smile


To cool down again we entered ‘the Great Movie Ride’ and it’s ride along (and through) Hollywood’s greatest successes!
After that we wanted to go to ‘the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow’, but you needed a ticket for that, and we couldn’t get in until 12:45. Fine, we’ll keep cool inside ‘One man’s Dream’. An exhibit and movie about Walt Disney’s life and work, including the parks.
‘The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow’ was fun. Not very long, but funny. Even Johnny Depp played a role as Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Geordi wondered afterwards whether it was really him… Of course Sam said… they teleport him in every half hour! Geordi… DUHHHHH Winking smile


We had fastpasses for ‘Lights, Motors, Action’, a car and bike stunt show. The show’s been here for a while, but for some reason we’ve never been there yet. The show is nice enough, and we weren’t bored, but we’re not sure we’ll go back for a second time.

We wander through the park, and already noticed it isn’t a quiet day. But we knew that in advance.
Because it is so extremely hot today, we already decided not to stay the entire day, but sneak out and return in the evening for Fantasmic. Parking is not an issue, you only pay once for parking, and can (re-)enter any Disney parking lot showing the ticket.
We decided to let the fastpasses for Rock’n’Roller Coaster pass. It’s a pity, because it is a great ride, but the timing is wrong, and it is too hot to remain in DHS just for that ride.
On our way to the exit we hopped on to Star Tours, for which we had a fastpass which was due at that time. At the start of the ride Vader wanted to arrest a rebel spy (and Samantha’s picture appeared in screen…) and we barely escaped. It was fun, and much better than the old Star Tours!  Winking smile


And now get out of the park for now! Off to Downtown Disney. The intention was to browse some shops and have dinner at the Rainforest Café. We’ve been here before, and the food is good and plentiful.
We found a parking spot pretty close to the restaurant, which was nice. We browsed in a few shops, visited the pin traders pavillion and arrived at the Rainforest Café. It may have been a bit early (half past four), but arrive an hour later and you’ll have to wait an hour to be seated, and that was exactly what we did NOT want!
In under 10 minutes we were seated. We had a great server who worked at Disney as Captain Hook’s voice for the castle stage when not working at Rainforest. But there was no Captian Hook evident at this time, he took great care of us.
The food was great as usual and as usual… too much! Samantha was happy we did NOT get a dessert. She was afraid we’d order a ‘Vulcano’. Everytime someone orders one, the waiter goes through the restaurant with the dessert while shouting out VULLLLCAAAAAAANOOOOOO! (A shout answered by the other waiters) She didn’t appreciate that possibility!  Winking smile


After dinner we went shop browsing. Did some pin trading at ‘The Pintraders’ and slowly made our way to the car. Time to head back to Hollywood Studio’s. Possibly we could sit in the first showing of Fantasmic!.
There used to be 2 options for Fantasmic! attendance: A Fantasmic dinner-package or the stand-by queue. Now you can also do fastpasses for it. Unfortunately we were unable to get fastpasses for Fantasmic! So we had to try our luck in the stand-by queue. But we were informed that without fastpasses there would only be standing-room left. Whoops… that’s a bummer. After asking we were told there would be seating for everyone, but where…
After the ropes had been taken away, the pushing and pulling started, because everyone wanted to get the best remaining seats. Miriam was almost pushed in to the shrubbery by two girls who had the least reason to push, because they already had family in the stadium reserving seats for them!
But anyway, we were totally in the back, and the only things we could see well was Mickey as Steamboat Willie and Mickey as Sorcerer. Errr… Not much, eh? So we decided we’d better stay for the second showing. Unfortnately the stadium had to be cleared for cleaning, etc. But the nice castmember let us ‘hide’ in the courtyard whilst awaiting the opening for the second showing. That way we could re-enter the stadium right after the wheelchair guests. If you’re nice and reasonable to the castmembers, they’re nice to you as well (esp at Disney)! While waiting we got talking to another castmember. He was selling ‘glow-with-the-show’ Mickey ears. A very enthousiasmic guy. Sam wants to work with kids when she finishes school and is very seriously interested in participating in one of Disney’s international programs. He told her a lot about it and got more and more enthused about it. He told her she only needed to tell them which languages she spoke to get hired. With that many languages, they won’t care about the rest! Miriam doesn’t want to think about that possibility yet. But it never hurts to get all the information!
We found a great spot in the stadium. We’ve never had a better spot! We enjoyed it much more this time round.


After the show we waited for the majority of guests to leave the stadium. Then we too left towards the exit. On the way there we had a few more pictures shot by Photopass photographers!


Weather in Disney Hollywood Studios at time of posting: 34 °C, scattered clouds, wind 240° at 14km/hr.

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