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A li’l bit of this and a li’l bit of the other!

August 20th, 2014 · No Comments

Yesterday was (esp for the kids) pretty late. But if you want to see something, sometimes you have to hurt a bit.
So this morning we took our time. Some needed to sleep in (even Geordi) and others (like Miriam) are always wide awake at the same timeā€¦ But Miriam doesn’t mind too much, it gives her time to blog.

Today we at least wanted to go to that dancing store, to try and score dance sneakers for Samantha. It took a bit of searching, but we found the store. A very nice lady helped us and Samantha chose a nice pair. This time not black ones, but brown! They fitted (and danced) best according to her. And as it happened, this time she didn’t chose the most expensive ones! Winking smile


Ok, what next? At least a visit to Target and/or Walmart for groceries. And for the rest, we didn’t care too much. We were close by the Mall at Millenia, so we wen there. And since it was lunch time, we went for cheesecake at ‘the Cheesecake Factory’.
Try chosing a single option from one and a half page of cheescakes, but we each managed to chose one in the end.
They looked great and tasted better, but none of us got much further than halfway. So we asked for take-out boxes! We have a cooler in the back of the car, so that should work out just fine.


After the mall, where we only window-shopped, we went to find a Walart for groceries and popped in to the Dollar Tree next door. A short detour to JoAnn’s, we were on the road anyway. Another nice and large store to browse. Miriam will really miss those when we get back!
Since there’s a Target at the same lot, Samantha wanted to go look, since there are multiple colors for her 5 seconds of Summer cd, and she really wanted the white one. She was lucky, they had the white one here! So quickly back to the car to grab the ‘wrong’ cd and receipt. It all went without a hitch at Target’s customer service. Sam is very happy! Winking smile

High time to go home. Via a completely different route we got to enjoy a different side than the tourism-side of Florida. Seen some nice homes there! Miriam could probably get used to living here, but there’s still too much tying her to The Netherlands at this time.
Geordi was in the splashpool again as soon as we hot home. It’s ideal, because it allows him to expend some energy and cool down at the same time.
Tonight a simple evening at home. We all need it, and it allows us to do the laundry. Even on vacation it’s still not enjoyable, but with the large size machines they have here, it is a quick task. We’d love to have these at home as well, although we wouldn’t know where to place them! Winking smile


Tomorrow EPCOT’s in the plans (again)!

Weather in Mall at Millenia, Orlando at time of posting: 36 °C, clear, wind 250° at 14km/hr.

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