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A Blizzard Beach

August 22nd, 2014 · 4 Comments

This morning the sun was shining when Miriam got downstairs. It’s looking like another great day. And when we hear the weather predictions for The Netherlands… we’re just a tad happy we’re here right now!


Because the weather’s great we decided to go to Blizzard Beach, the other of Disney’s waterparks.
When we got there, it wasn’t busy at the parking terrain at all. We also found a spot in the shade with four beds.
Blizzard Beach has a theme you’d not expect in Florida (sub tropical climate…). A Blizzard is a snow-storm. And the parl is built like a ski-resort on the melt, complete with skijump and skilift! And for music… we heard Christmas songs! Winking smile
Our beds were near a landing of the `Cross Country Creek’ (a lazy river) as well as close to the endpoint of the`Teamboat Springs’ (a family raft slide). Pretty decent location.
We started with a trip around the lazy river, which is fun to start off with. You could tell it wasn’t busy yet. Leisurely and lazy (at least… as long as Sam didn’t engage super-speed to drag us through it!) we made our round.

BB Girls
Then we took the skilift up and then in the`Teamboat Springs’ raft with the four of us, to ride down. The course was bumpy, but that caused some serious hilarity!
In the main pool we started noticing that the crowds were increasing. At least there’s no ‘BIG wave’ (dunno why Miriam keeps calling it that!), so less to be concerned about. (She had a blue/red lip for another 2 days, BTW).
Another round along the lazy river and we felt it was time to leave. The park was getting crowded, and swimming shoulder to shoulder ain’t much fun. But no worries, we hadn’t planned to stay in there the whole day anyway.

BB AllBB Team-falls

We quickly freshened up at home and went en route again. Off to a piece of Disney we’d never seen before: Disney Casting!
Samantha wants to work with kids after her study, and suggested (after I mentioned the possibility) that she’d like to work for Disney for a while. Not necessarily as a career, but to gain experience. Disney has several international programs. So why not get the info from the horse’s mouth now we’re here. Several cast members we spoke with about her ambitions, suggested going to Disney Casting.
We were received friendly and courteously, and were referred back downstairs. Unfortunately when we got there, there was a sign telling us they were temporarily closed, and please report at reception upstairs. So we went back upstairs, and the friendly cast member could only give us a URL. Downstairs again I suggested that Samantha go back inside to at least get one of the businesscards from the reception desk there. And at that time there just happened to be someone that was about to leave the office. She got the correct person for us. We had a great talk with the guy. Sam will need to be at least 18, but Disney certainly has interesting options for her. But since the programs evolve and change continuously, the recommendations was to keep tracking the website. And if she had any questions, their email is on there as well.

After our visit to Disney Casting we went to the Premium Outlets again. I’d seen a nice watch there. But since I was still hestitating, I hadn’t purchased it (yet). And now I’ve decided to buy it. One of the advantages is that it does timezones, which is great since I travel a lot! Only… The watch wasn’t discounted 60% anymore but only 50%… That sucked. When the salesperson asked what the problem was, I explained it, and she said we’d still get it at 60% discount! That’s better.
Samantha got the battery of her watch replaced. It suddenly stopped during the vacation.
In the Disney Store Sam got excited. She’d found a Stitch stuffed animal on nearly real size for almost the same price she’d seen a (much) smaller one in the park! Since it is a Disney Character Warehouse (Disney Outlet) it isn’t unexpected. This Stitch HAD to come home. We’re almost 15 years old and… still sleep with stuffed animals! Smile with tongue out


In the past there was a Micheal’s near the Premium Outlets, but that one is gone. But relatively close by there is another store. Miriam wanted to check it out, as we’d seen some Halloween stuff before, which we wanted to look at again. There isn’t a lot yet, but as noted before, we’re still early in the season.
We scored some nice deals, and not just for Halloween. And because I’m a veteran, we got extra discount!
And now off to a Walmart for some groceries.
And then… home for dinner!

Geordi was disappointed we weren’t going anymore tonight. He’d have liked to have gone to the minigold. But he also noticed the incoming clouds… so it’s better this way.
It’s been flashing all evening, and there’se been rain as well.
Tomorrow back to Magic Kingdom, we’re ready for it!

Weather in Blizzard Beach at time of posting: 36 °C, clear, wind 180° at 8km/hr.

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  • 1 rita // Aug 22, 2014 at 09:08

    leuk om allemaal te lezen. heerlijk zo’n waterparadijs en leuke winkels met koopjes.

  • 2 rita // Aug 23, 2014 at 14:08

    ach wat lees ik nu toch.. wat verdrietig, nog maar anderhalve dag en dan moet je al weer boarden. heb met jullie te doen.

  • 3 rita // Aug 23, 2014 at 14:08

    ach.. wat lees ik nu toch.. wat verdrietig.. nog maar anderhalve dag voor jullie moeten boarden. heb met je te doen.

  • 4 rita // Aug 23, 2014 at 14:08

    wat een ramp die letters om toe te voegen. moeilijk te lezen om te beginnen , eerst lukt het niet, dan uithuilen en opnieuw beginnen en nu staan er 3 dezelfde berichtjes.