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And another small update…

June 7th, 2010 · No Comments

The Sea World Vip Tour was one of the things that has been high on our wishlist of things to do for a while now. The last few days we’ve gathered information and experience data on this tour.

Only yesterday I places a call to Sea World as we had a number of questions we could not find an answer for on the Internet. The questions have been answered satisfactory and today we, well, to be fair Miriam, took the decision. The tour has been reserved!


Now we still need to keep our fingers crossed as there is a small chance that instead of a lunch voucher, we’ll be getting a lunch next to the killer whale pool (“The Cove”)…

So what is the VIP Tour?

We’ll be assigned a guide who’ll give us a 7 hour (backstage) tour through the entire park. We’ll receive priority front of the queue access to busy attractions like Kraken and Manta, the best seats in the killer-whale, sealion and dolphin shows and… (esp. the kids will like this)   we will be able to feed the raysm dolphins and sealions! And with a bit of luck… we’ll also get to lunch with Shamu. But that is still open, since there are currently no activities at ‘the Cove’ restaurant, partially due to the lethal accident in February in which a senior trainer (Dawn Brancheau) drowned.

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