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And another hotel (or two) booked…

June 20th, 2010 · No Comments

We booked another hotel! Rochester this time, between New York city and Niagara Falls! To make sure the trips aren’t too long, we wanted to make a stop alonge the way, but not too far from Niagara Falls, so we’ll be able to arrive at a reasonable time the next day…

First we checked out Syracuse, but over there it was either very expensive, òr dodgy review (“Watch out for bed bugs”?) òr in a bad neighborhood… So we then checked the area before Syracuse, but there aren’t very many hotels along that route, and the first town that showed some promise was Cortland, but even that was only so so!

We didn’t want to go any further back than Cortland, so we decided to try beyond Syracuse, and ended up in Rochester. Together we looked at the available options, and it looked promising, so we opened up Hotwire again… Two regions were close enough to the highway we’re using, and the hotels in those regions were more than adequate.

So we once more tried our luck, and booked a Hotwire offer that looked good. We can’t complain, since we ended up in a Holiday Inn Express relatively close to the highway we’re traveling down (or is it up?) on to Niagara.

Holiday Inn Express, Rochester
Holiday Inn Express, Rochester

While we were at it, we started checking the Gettysburg area, and there too we fond a lot of hotels for a wide range of prices. Some were discarded early on (sometimes a picture of the room furnishing says enough about a hotel!) and others as “probably too expensive”!

But we thought “let’s do crazy” and checked the rates at the Hilton Garden Inn in Gettysburg… WOW! That was a price we truly did not expect (and that in a positive way!)

Hilton Garden Inn, Gettysburg
Hilton Garden Inn, Gettysburg

Hilton Garden Inn, Gettysburg (lobby)

Hilton Garden Inn, Gettysburg (lobby)

After comparing more hotels in the same region this hotel stood out in a very positive way (especially the “cooked to order breakfast” part struck a chord) from the competition, so we ended up booking this hotel as well…

Now we still need hotels for Washington DC and Charleston, and then we at least won’t have to sleep in a cardboard box anymore!

Weather in Local weather at time of posting: 12 °C, few clouds, wind 340° at 9km/hr.

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