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On offer… A cardboard box!

June 21st, 2010 · 1 Comment

We don’t need it anymore!

The vacation is getting closer and closer. And Miriam is very happy to finally have lodging for all nights. So we can offer our cardboard box on eBay now. So anyone who’s interested…!

Since parking in Washington DC seems to be troublesome on weekdays, we decided to try our luck outside Washington and near a metro-rail station. Traveling on the metro to Washington is something we’ve done before, when we were staying with friends that lived in Fairfax. Unfortunately they no longer liver there, or otherwise we’d probably have been very welcome again!

But traveling to Washington on the metro was pretty easy to do. With the metro-rail map in hand we made an astonishing discovery. Earlier we were looking for Union Station and Capitol Hill area hotels. But now we noticed that the Arlington area was definitely an area to check out as well. As far as Metro goes, Arlington is almost better situated than either Union Station òr Capitol Hill!

Again we hoped to book a hotel through Priceline and Hotwire, but again we ran in to problems regarding location. Because   where exactly do we end up and how far away from the metro station? The metro is for us in Washington a very important mode of transportation, so we can leave the car behind. Saves a lot of parking stress.

We made a shortlist of suitable option and made our choice from those. In this case the Hyatt won as far as we’re concerned. The location seems almost perfect: Right across a metro station, bear the US Marine Memorial ànd Arlington Cemetery.

Hyatt Hyatt2

The last hotel stay that had made to be was in Charleston (South Carolina). And that was not quite easy. Not because there are no hotels in Charleston, on the contrary, but because by now we have a wish list. Mentioning that list is actually pretty funny. Especially for those who know us, when we were young and foolish, we stopped in a hotel when we were tired. How, which, what and where made little difference back then. But now with two children, traveling in the peak season, a planning and reserved hotel stays are really a very comforting idea!

What makes hotel searching in Charleston somewhat difficult is that in hotels downtown Charleston hardly have parking space or you pay quite the prize. That in itself is not the worst, because everything has it’s price tag, but when recent reviews show that visitors are not exactly satisfied with a hotel … then the choice is quickly made: let’s not do it! So downtown was no option, so we had to find a middle ground. Only the middle ground was a little harder to find than we thought. Priceline and Hotwire fell through again here in Charleston as well, that quickly became obvious. Besides the fact that the offers on these sites for Charleston were not really optimal, we were both really convinced that location was more important than getting a lower price.

The hotel which we finally, after long research, have booked is the Embassy Suites in North Charleston. It is located near the airport and right along the main route to and from Charleston. We think that, especially given the reviews on this hotel, we have not made a bad choice!

CHSEMES_Embassy_Suites_North_Charleston-Airport_Hotel_and_Convention_gallery_welcome CHSEMES_Embassy_Suites_North_Charleston-Airport_Hotel_and_Convention_gallery_accom_dblbeds_large

Okay so Charleston. Why do we want to do Charleston too?

Miriam is a big fan of the TV series North and South, a book by John Jakes about slavery and civil war in America. In part, the serie is set in and around Charleston and the surrounding area spoke to us. We have been there once before and now we also want to show the children. Especially Samantha is very interested in American history. And after Gettysburg and Washington, Charleston is a good complement to complete the larger picture.

One of the things we like to show is Boone Hall Plantation. Besides the fact that this home has been used as a backdrop for the series North and South, this former plantation shows very well how in those time things were on a plantation and especially how the slaves lived! Earlier this year Samantha at school made “a diary of a slave” for an assignment together with a classmate. They have really created something beautiful and also (rightly) received a good grade. The pictures were taken from our album (pictures of Boone Hall and so on). So that makes it extra special for her that she is going there herself.

Besides a visit to Boone Hall Plantation and a visit to the city of Charleston, we will also take cruise through the harbor (we might even see dolphins) and then sail along to Fort Sumter.

boonehallv2 1.1234746720.avenue-of-oaks-boone-hall-plantation

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  • 1 Tinnetam // Jun 21, 2010 at 22:06

    Altijd een heel fijn moment als alle hotels geregeld zijn. Kan me verstellen dat jullie je kartonnen doos graag ter overname aanbieden.

    Misschien hebben wij er wel iets aan want wij weten nog steeds niet waar we naar toe gaan deze zomer, laat staan dat we naar hotels kunnen gaan zoeken. We hebben nog even zullen we maar zeggen.

    Voor jullie begint het in ieder geval al flink op te schieten. Lekker hoor ! Geniet nog even van de voorpret en dan kan het echte werk beginnen.