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Day 8: From Washington DC to Charleston

July 31st, 2010 · 1 Comment

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Since we have to travel a lot of miles today to get to Charleston, we have set the Alarm clock for 6:30am. That way we could, at least in theory, leave at an early hour.
The suitcases had to be repacked. Not like we’re unpacking them all the time, on the contrary, but new stuff does keep sneaking in…
After breakfast we got our luggage from the hotelroom and had the car brought out. Very convenient, Valet Parking, and (in this case) ardly any more expensive that parking yourself. The hotel personnel is more than friendly and assistive. We know it is their work, but sometimes we – and especially Miriam – do have a problem with it. It’s got nothing to do with being stingy, the guy will get his tip anyway, but it is about having someone else carry your stuff, while you’re walking behind them empty handed!

As planned we left nice and early. Quickly purchased lunch items, just so we can eat while driving. Nice ‘n’ easy. This morning we filled the cooler bag filled, so everything was being kept cool. Purchase of the year, this bag. First we had some styrofoam box, but that was leaking after the first day and got the kids’ feet wet. It was just a cheap thing, so it was no disaster. Now we have a bag with a kind of plastic (removable) tub inside. Empty it weighs almost nothing and Miriam’s already decided that we’ll really do our best to git it back to the Netherlands!
Close by the supermarket was also a Jo-Ann’s … and we could not help going in to have a look. First Miriam grabbed the coupons, discounts are always welcome!

It was nice! We agreed that Hobby Lobby and Jo-ann’s, for us anyway, are the best shops here ;o)
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And then, just as you drive away from the shops on to the Interstate … Is there a boy in the back seat who just now realizes he need to pee … So at the next exit we get off again, so that our p**-brain   could pee!
Charleston is obviously not getting closer that way!
Travelling through North Charleston at Smith Field we stopped at the Premium Outlet. There was a Crocs store, and especially Geordi really needed new ones. He is very happy with his old ones, but the ones that he still has have little profile left to the bottom and are beginning to get too small. He ass very cool ones now in dark blue with turquoise.
Both Miriam and Samantha have bought new Mary Janes.
Because we didn’t want to stay here for too long we quickly went to Bath & Body Works. They had enough, but not the products Miriam likes to use. So we were quickly done there.
Geordi has wanted new dress shoes for a long time now. We had promised to have a look in America. Now he has a Prince Charming costume   and obviously needs dress shoes with that. So we have also looked at Factory Brands and found really cool (laced) shoes. For a decent price.   He was on cloud nine.
Samantha was in the clouds as well as she found a new pair of Skechers! Miriam and I also found something to our tastes. So we happily walked out with shoes.

After this break, Miriam took the wheel from me and drove a while. That way I could rest and translate our blog.
Around six it was time to think about food again. And whilst in North Carolina we couldn’t see the woods through the billboards, South Carolina we saw almost nothing!
Miriam wanted to eat at the Outback and I fancied Applebee’s (I still needed my Oreo Cookie shake fix). Let’s see what we find first… That turned out to be the Outback, or so we thought …
It was just so incredibly busy that we decided to continue driving. Only now it was very long before we encountered something that was acceptable to us. Where have all the restaurants suddenly gone?
Just befor Charleston, we saw a big sign along the highway for Applebee’s. I “won”, so it was to be Applebee’s. After 5 minutes waiting, our table was ready and we could order. We had a very friendly waitress who really ran around   to try and make everyone happy!

We enjoyed our traditional Cookie Shake and the food was good. Although to be honest Miriam says that earlier this week the steak at the Outback was tastier and more tender!
DSC_0456 DSC_0459

After dinner we drove to the hotel, where we arrived about fifteen minutes later.
We are staying at the Embassy Suites in North Charleston. The hotel looked very good and we were again well received. Need to get used to the southern accent (ya’ll)!

So now to bed and close the laptop and eyes. Tomorrow we go to Boone Hall Plantation, among others.


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  • 1 MattRob (Robert-Jan) // Jul 31, 2010 at 14:07

    Ja, net even iets minder, bij Applebee’s … Maar er kan er maar 1 de beste zijn, en Applebee’s is zeker ook prima (en goedkoper) !