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Day 9: Charleston

August 1st, 2010 · 2 Comments

Had a truly good sleep tonight, really sorry that the alarm went off this morning. But we want to spend this morning at Boone Hall Plantation and be on time. It is not so hot yet then and (more importantly) it’s not so busy!
Earlier, we planned to do both Boone Hall, and additionally do a Harbour tour through the port of Charleston as well… Only then we have to be back at a fixed time and the departure times of the boat are not very favorable. It’s funny, Miriam had been wondering earlier this week whether we should not better forget the cruise. But she did not say anything about it to me. Now I came up with the same reservations! So the choice was easy, no harbour tour. We go to Boone Hall Plantation and historic Charleston!
But first repack the suitcases. In the restaurant we had a delicious breakfast. The buffet looked more than fine and there was plenty of choice.
After breakfast we loaded the luggage into the car, we’re getting experienced now. And then we went. First we stopped at Panera to get bread, so lunch is arranged again! Pretty easy and all four of us like it that way.



Weather in Brunswick / Glynco at time of posting: 29 °C, broken clouds, wind 190° at 5km/hr.

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Day 8: From Washington DC to Charleston

July 31st, 2010 · 1 Comment

DSC_0433 DSC_0434

Since we have to travel a lot of miles today to get to Charleston, we have set the Alarm clock for 6:30am. That way we could, at least in theory, leave at an early hour.
The suitcases had to be repacked. Not like we’re unpacking them all the time, on the contrary, but new stuff does keep sneaking in…
After breakfast we got our luggage from the hotelroom and had the car brought out. Very convenient, Valet Parking, and (in this case) ardly any more expensive that parking yourself. The hotel personnel is more than friendly and assistive. We know it is their work, but sometimes we – and especially Miriam – do have a problem with it. It’s got nothing to do with being stingy, the guy will get his tip anyway, but it is about having someone else carry your stuff, while you’re walking behind them empty handed!


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And we’ve started again!

December 16th, 2009 · Comments Off on And we’ve started again!

It is beginning to look like we’ll really be going to the USA again next summer… 🙂

Disney has a great promotion, with 47% off of accomodation, special 14-day Ultimate Tickets ánd free Disney Dining Plan. By now we’ve booked a Old Key West villa and tickets to the USA on reward miles. The rest will be filled in as we go!

Old Key West

Old Key West

This time we’ll do a roadtrip down the east coast, from New York, Niagara Falls via Philadelphia, Washington DC, Charleston to Lake Buena Vista…

The vacation mood is already palpable! (more…)

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