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And after all this time, an update…

December 7th, 2010 · 2 Comments

America and Orlando are unfortunately quite a while behind us now, but all four of us still think back to our last vacation with satisfaction and pleasure.

Samantha thinks it is great that she can boast to her girlfriends that she’s   been in New York. And Geordi likes everything equally much to talk about. Although seeing the White House ‘for real’ is really cool (so there). But he’s got a fascination with presidents, they speak to his imagination (and he talks back… Heheh). And as for ourselves, we flick through the pages of our picture album yet again. It’s great to relive those nice memories. We’d jump in to the plane to revisit everything live again tomorrow if we could!

But now we’ve reached this yule time of the year, the time finally came for us to get working with the biggest vacation souvenir we brought back: The new Christmas tree decorations!

A Disney themed Christmas tree had been a silent but strong desire of both of us for years. And this year at Disney World we saw red and white Hidden Mickey ornaments… and that desire grew every time we saw those ornaments.

At the end of our vacation it had grown so big, that we could do but one thing: give in to it (oh how sad!).

We chose red Mickey stars


Red Mickey Chimes


And obviously the red and white Hidden Mickey baubles

DSC_3802 DSC_3801

A Tinker Bell for Miriam


An Ornament for Francesco


And of course we cannot forget the children’s ornaments (but those are already ‘old’)

DSC_3806 DSC_3805

A true eye-catcher, just because it is cute:


And obviously a Mickey topper to complete the tree:


Oh, and we’d need a skirt too.


It was really thrilling, because we had dressed the tree with the new ornaments for at least 100 times… in our minds!… But will it really fit together as we expect, or will it be a big disappointment? But to get the tree out in the middle of Summer just to see whether it al matches up as expected… That’s silly, you don’t do that, come on, we have neightbours! ;o)

But now, in this time of the year… finally… we get to do it! And really… we are very happy with the result and are satisfied that we finally gave in to our years long wish. From now on we have a real Disney tree!


And now we’re in the mood anyway…:

We wish everybody a very merry Christmas

and a good, healthy and happy 2011!

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Dag 23 en 24: Bye-Bye Amerika, Hallo Nederland!

August 15th, 2010 · 3 Comments

Na een kort nachtje liep vanmorgen om half acht de wekker af. Nu konden we er echt niet meer omheen: we vertrekken vandaag naar Nederland.

We vliegen niet vanaf Orlando, maar vanaf Atlanta. Omdat we in principe tijd genoeg hebben voordat we in het vliegtuig stappen, hadden we eerder al besloten om pas vandaag naar Atlanta te rijden.

Nog even wat laatste spullen in onze handbagage opgeborgen en toen stond echt alles klaar voor vertrek!

Voor een laatste keer ontbeten in onze villa en daarna alle bagage in de auto geladen. Alles paste met gemak in de kofferbak, maar daar hadden we ook geen seconde aan getwijfeld!

Rond negen uur gingen we weg bij onze villa. Bye-Bye villa! (more…)

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Dag 22: De dag die we niet willen!

August 15th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Daar is hij dan, zomaar ineens. Drie weken lang is het ons gelukt om deze dag ver weg te houden, al kwam hij de laatste dagen toch wel steeds dichterbij.Het is onze laatste dag hier in Amerika. Morgen stappen we helaas weer in het vliegtuig om terug te vliegen. Er is dus geen weg terug, want maandag ‘mogen’ de kinderen weer naar school! Over gelijk in je dagelijkse ritme springen gesproken…

Maar goed, we noemen het vandaag ook de laatste dingen dag. Uit traditie wordt zo’n dag dan ook meestal stuiterend door gebracht. Nog even dit en nog even dat, meestal met als doel de koffers nog eens extra aan te vullen…


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Dag 21: Een beetje van dit en een beetje van dat!

August 13th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Vanmorgen geen ontbijt afspraken, gewoon even helemaal niets. Dat is ook wel eens lekker: ontbijten in onze eigen villa!
Wat gaan we vandaag doen?
Eerst wilden we even langs Michaels. Samantha wil weer heel erg graag een Halloween verjaardagsfeestje geven en daarvoor kunnen we nog wat aankleding gebruiken. Er is nog niet veel te vinden in de winkels, dat komt nu allemaal een beetje binnen.
Michaels had wel wat leuke items, die ook nog eens goed  in een koffer mee te nemen zijn. Zag ook nog een leuke kandelaar, maar die werd misschien wel wat zwaar om mee te nemen. Ik zei nog, wel of nieten liet per ongeluk een andere Halloween kandelaar uit mijn handen vallen. Kon hij niet zo goed tegen, stuk dus! Was verder, gelukkig, geen probleem. Maar klunzig was het wel!


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Day 19: Blizzard Beach & Islands of Adventure

August 12th, 2010 · Comments Off on Day 19: Blizzard Beach & Islands of Adventure

Google translated!

This morning stood at war, the now Blizzard Beach or maybe not. But the sun did break through, so we decided to use just to gamble.

But first breakfast, this time we have done in the Caribbean Beach. Thus, the counter service points even a little bit!

The breakfast tasted good and then we went to Blizzard Beach. So no cameras Disney photographers … hello! Weather giant photo pass so easily.       image image (more…)

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Day 18: A bit of Boardwalk and a little more Epcot…

August 10th, 2010 · 2 Comments

This morning, for as far as possible, we slept in. No early appointments today. Only at the end of the afternoon we’re expected at Teppan Edo. So today we have all the time!

This morning we do everything at our leisure and even ‘sent away’ housekeeping for once. That was no problem.
The big question was, however: where will we have breakfast today. We have plenty of snack items and also counter points abound. Blizzard Beach was unfortunately no option again today because it rains again. We find it quite sad for the kids, but what is not meant to be…


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Day 17: A bit of Hollywood Studio’s

August 10th, 2010 · Comments Off on Day 17: A bit of Hollywood Studio’s

Our first plans for today were to go to Blizzard Beach and later in the afternoon to the Hollywood Studios for our Fantasmic reservation at Mama Melrose’s. Only the weather threw a ‘little’ spanner in the works. It rained a lot and there was thunder in the air. So, Blizzard Beach was not an option.


But first we went to the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast at the Grand Floridian with Mary Poppins. We have been here before with the children. And at their own request, here we are again.

The breakfast is really good. It’s a buffet and caters for all tastes.


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