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Day 6: Gettysburg

July 29th, 2010 · 1 Comment

We slept very well in a good bed last night and only woke up at around half past six. Not too bad!
Todaywe’ll go to the Gettysburg National Military Park. Here we will, if we’re to believe the information we gathered beforehand, learn more about the crucial battles that took place here.
But first we have to get dressed and get the suitcases ready to be put back in to the car.
And then of course breakfast. It was a small breakfast buffet, but there was also a chef ready to cook pancakes and eggs to order. In the corner there were two waffle irons where you could make your own waffles. It all tasted great.

Weather in Washington DC at time of posting: 29 °C, few clouds, wind 180° at 7km/hr.

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Day 5: from Canada to Gettysburg (PA)

July 28th, 2010 · 2 Comments


What joy if you draw back the curtains in the morning and lookout over the Niagara Falls! And one of the nicest things is that they look different every single moment of the day. It was still early (6:30), but the sun was shining full force. A light fog was rising from the falls. It again promises to be a nice day.

But alas, we have to move on again.

Today we go to Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. Gettysburg is the place where one of the pivotal battles of the Civial War took place, and where the war was turned in favor of the North.


Weather in Gettysburg, Pa at time of posting: 20 °C, n/a, wind n/a at n/a.

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And another hotel (or two) booked…

June 20th, 2010 · Comments Off on And another hotel (or two) booked…

We booked another hotel! Rochester this time, between New York city and Niagara Falls! To make sure the trips aren’t too long, we wanted to make a stop alonge the way, but not too far from Niagara Falls, so we’ll be able to arrive at a reasonable time the next day…

First we checked out Syracuse, but over there it was either very expensive, òr dodgy review (“Watch out for bed bugs”?) òr in a bad neighborhood… So we then checked the area before Syracuse, but there aren’t very many hotels along that route, and the first town that showed some promise was Cortland, but even that was only so so! (more…)

Weather in Local weather at time of posting: 12 °C, few clouds, wind 340° at 9km/hr.

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