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And after all this time, an update…

December 7th, 2010 · 2 Comments

America and Orlando are unfortunately quite a while behind us now, but all four of us still think back to our last vacation with satisfaction and pleasure.

Samantha thinks it is great that she can boast to her girlfriends that she’s   been in New York. And Geordi likes everything equally much to talk about. Although seeing the White House ‘for real’ is really cool (so there). But he’s got a fascination with presidents, they speak to his imagination (and he talks back… Heheh). And as for ourselves, we flick through the pages of our picture album yet again. It’s great to relive those nice memories. We’d jump in to the plane to revisit everything live again tomorrow if we could!

But now we’ve reached this yule time of the year, the time finally came for us to get working with the biggest vacation souvenir we brought back: The new Christmas tree decorations!

A Disney themed Christmas tree had been a silent but strong desire of both of us for years. And this year at Disney World we saw red and white Hidden Mickey ornaments… and that desire grew every time we saw those ornaments.

At the end of our vacation it had grown so big, that we could do but one thing: give in to it (oh how sad!).

We chose red Mickey stars


Red Mickey Chimes


And obviously the red and white Hidden Mickey baubles

DSC_3802 DSC_3801

A Tinker Bell for Miriam


An Ornament for Francesco


And of course we cannot forget the children’s ornaments (but those are already ‘old’)

DSC_3806 DSC_3805

A true eye-catcher, just because it is cute:


And obviously a Mickey topper to complete the tree:


Oh, and we’d need a skirt too.


It was really thrilling, because we had dressed the tree with the new ornaments for at least 100 times… in our minds!… But will it really fit together as we expect, or will it be a big disappointment? But to get the tree out in the middle of Summer just to see whether it al matches up as expected… That’s silly, you don’t do that, come on, we have neightbours! ;o)

But now, in this time of the year… finally… we get to do it! And really… we are very happy with the result and are satisfied that we finally gave in to our years long wish. From now on we have a real Disney tree!


And now we’re in the mood anyway…:

We wish everybody a very merry Christmas

and a good, healthy and happy 2011!

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Day seventeen – Magic Kingdom for a last time…

August 6th, 2008 · Comments Off on Day seventeen – Magic Kingdom for a last time…

NOTE: “Google-translated”! Updated manual translation will follow…

This morning the alarm went off very early. Ideally I turned a couple of times. I am sure that if I had known in advance how special this day would be extra (free) magic … my bed was right uitgesprongen. Now what was I going slow!

But we were doing something special today. At least … that was our intention.
The Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle sits behind a shop TinkerBell. And every morning, the first visitor to this store TinkerBell wake. Because Samantha is a Tink fan through and through, it is similar in character even Tink, this would obviously be a great experience!

WDW - Magic Kingdom


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Day Eleven – Chef Mickey’s, Professional Photoshoot & Down Town Disney

July 31st, 2008 · Comments Off on Day Eleven – Chef Mickey’s, Professional Photoshoot & Down Town Disney

WDW - Chef Mickey The extreme early morning alarm went off. Because we had a breakfast at 8:00 am at “Chef Mickey’s”! We were excited to go. Samantha’s hair was still quite neat, so Miriam could easily attach the ‘tail’ again. Geordi’s hair had become a big mess though. So we washed it thoroughly. He is now sprinkle and glitter free!
“Chef Mickey’s” is in the Contemporary resort. We drove there with the car. At the gate we got a parking ticket for 3 hours.


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